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6 Digit Game

| The game is ez pz. The post above you has a six digit post number. Replace the first digit with a 1 or 2, and read the doujin associated with those digits (feel free to look for the English version of the doujin). Then, give a quick synopsis/rating, and the next person repeats with your six digits. I'll do the first just to give you an idea of how it should work.
>Hint: G/u/rls would probably appreciate it if you linked what you read in your reply.

| So my 6 digits would be >>769463 (I'll replace the 7 with a 2). That brings me to a yaoi doujin. And it's already in English! Handy! Now I give a summary/rating. A lil bit of gore at the beginning. Some dude gets murdered. If blood makes you queasy, this one isn't for you. Basically two thugs go at it in a back alley. One is the young thin guy, and the other's the buffer older one, which is a classic yaoi trope. All in all, wouldn't recommend.
>Link: https://nhentai.net/g/269463/

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This thread is permanently archived