Most obscure kink you keep to yourself in fear of being judged?

| I don't want this thread to get banned but i'm genuinely curious on what kink you have that if you say to your peers, you KNOW you'd be judged for.

I'll go first. Sweat. It's so hot to me. Turns me on the most when i see my partner after working out and they're still sweaty with their sports clothes. Hot.


| Feel like this is so subjective

Like IRL can't even say I want to get my ass pegged cause that's gay.

Tho with online friends I can't admit to wanting to forcefully facefuck someone's mouth and piss in it cus the obvious rapey notes to that

But yeah: loli/shota, incest, watersports and non-con stuff. I'm just kinda into everything tbh

| >>766815 wym some people would think it would be weird ; ~ ;

| >>766821 tbf yeah OP has a point

Even "mild" kinks are judged IRL. Even if those kinks are actually common

| Like considering we're all /d/egenerates it'd be more useful to talk about the things ppl won't judge me for

Example; I love doggy anal sex, that's like the one kink of mine I won't get judged for

| >>766819 see this is the honesty i signed up for!! Yes!! How fascinating!! It will all depend on who you talk to and their preferences if it's weird or not.

But i want a non-judgement zone in this thread so no matter how obscure it is, say your truth, partner!

| >>766823 for something i wont be judged for.. i'm really into foreplay and vanilla stuff. I'm basic

| >>766826 I'm both basic and hardcore, maybe a progression from one to another

Do like the idea of corrupting a loving partner into being more degenerate. Start off with cuddling but end with bondage

| Am I just corrupted? What's going on?

| https://nhentai.net/g/341663/

| It's just a thought that comes up every now and then. I want to destroy a poor innocent thing, like break someone's arm and shove an open bone up their face while I finger their ass and bring them to orgasm.
I'm relatively normal besides that.

| Technically, everything except missionary is a kink. Take that, blowjob normies

| My kink's missionary>>766886

| Tentacles

| >>766836
So, OP, did you have time to read it yet? Because I love this doujin. Read it all.

| >>766896 hi! Op here. I just clicked the link and saw the first image and thought, 'ah yes, time to close this tab'. I'm squeamish.

| >>766888mt kink is also missionary. It's the golden position. Doggy just doesn't give you that better level of intimacy imo

| >>766899
I could tell from your tame ass fetishes

| >>766902 what's wrong with my tame ass fetishes huh

| >>766902
You're ashamed of them, it's like being afraid of people finding out you stole an apple at age 10

| >>766920 people aren't just ashamed, they're made ashamed

| Hand holding

| Do virtual machines count?

| >>766973 YES. can you ellaborate?

| >>766967 ohh that's hot stuff

| >>766976 Using a VM when ever you feel like it and always making new ones for the fun of it?

| >>766808 I think this is the only thread I will ever tell my darkest kinks.
Please don't judge me too harsh.

I'm into eye penetration. But wait! I love it only when it's bloodless and painless, it's more like fucking the eye socket but there's no eye in there, just the hole.

I also love fucking "fuckmeats"/"Fucknuggets", that is fucking a limbless person... I don't know I just love it.

I have other strange kinks but I'd like to clarify that I'm not into gore and/or vore.

| >>766973 only if it's virtual box

| I like Ryona (gurl get beaten up/ abused) but not the brutal one that involves vomit or blood. I'm ashamed of it because most of the time, I always imagine myself saving them and playing hero like that seems to be very childish. Also part of it because abused victims are easy to manipulate.

| >>767011 hot

| I'll probably never tell anyone I know or will know irl how turned on I am by erotic hypnosis.

| >>767011 Oh yes Ryona! I remember that! If it's too gory or bloody, it's pretty good

| >>767052 Hypnosis is pretty hot! May you elaborate more about why do you like it?

| >>767054
Hard to give an exact reason, I just really love the idea of the subject's mind going completely blank, being overridden by the will of another. All the possibilities with post-hypnotic suggestion and trigger play are super hot too!
It's a great scenario from bothe the subject's and the tist's sides of things, as well.

| I wish a big woman, older than me, with a big ass and boobs to fuck me like a shotacon, and treat me like a Child.

| reading what I wrote made me a little embarrassed, and I'm on an anonymous board, imagine if it was irl

| >>767099 I feel you fellow g/u/rl

| I'm a girl who's into erotic asphyxiation, piss and tf but it is just nigh impossible for me to talk about really. I'm embarrassed and ashamed for it

| >>767158
I understand completely. It's easy to have chats about stuff like that with strangers on the internet, but just thinking about someone I'm even acquainted with irl catching wind of my weirdness...it's a scary thought.

| I've been interested in BDSM since I was a child. My mom used to tell me that there was really no limit to what girls could do to me, that I could get whatever I wanted from girls for my orgasms. Since I grew up it has become apparent to me that this may not have been a mistake.

| My sex life has become far more enjoyable as a result and I love my little sister, Chloe, for every sexual experience she has had with me. Chloe is the cutest girl in the world and I've never had one with a better boyfriend.

| GPT-2 is pretty kinky.

| >>767202 Yeah exactly. It's the anonymity too is the thing. Even with people who would know its still weird for me to ever mention and I dont like to.

| Is reverse Ryona a thing because, holy hell that's kinda hot to me lol I think my most obscure kink, might be blood or voices (think screams or moaning in pain???) I think I just play too much video games at this point to care about getting off properly anymore lol

| >>767233 Woah that's hot. Is the GPT-3 kinky as well?

| >>767341 How does reverse ryona works? I'm kinda curious

| >>767360 When I see "Reverse" in porn tags what's normally reversed is gender roles. (e.g. Reverse rape, reverse NTR)

So maybe girl kicks guys ass instead of other way round?

| >>767358
It's worse

| >>767422 It's better! Lol

| >>767408 I guess so! I'm not into Sadism-masochism so much but I'll check it

| >>766808

not the actual act of amputation or gore or anything, but fucking someone who is missing their legs or arms

| >>767440

| >>767442

| >>767443

| >>767440 Hey my homie!! That's one of my kinks as well!

| Cumming through roller coaster riding excitement.

| >>767440 my fav

| >>767447 hey hey no judgement zone

| >>767454 whoa how does that work g/u/rl?? How intriguing

| >>767489 either getting off on the adrenaline rush alone or masturbating during the ride? At least that's my guess

| >>767341 it is a thing, but the actual reverse ryona in which you get beaten by a gurl is very rare. I can only think of that old game, in which you fight girls in first person and ended up losing in many ways.

But most reverse ryona that I see is pretty much just femdom. No fights involved, just you get dominated in bed.

| >>767058 what you just described is mind break which is rape.

| >>767526 not that g/u/rl, but this isn't right. I like my mindbreak without rape. I think rape is gross, but being able to think about nothing but the cock inside of you is super hot...

| >>767531 hypocrisy at its finest, never change /d/

| >>767543 Consent and mindbreak can coexist. Just because someone gives their consent, doesn't mean they're mindbroken. And just because someone's mindbroken, doesn't mean they didn't give their consent...?

| >>767526
No anon, I was describing hypnosis. Hypnosis is entirely consensual; you can't be hypnotized to do something you don't want to. There's a lot of conflation between the real thing and the "ooga booga your brain is mine slut" that you get in fiction.
And yes, that means there's basically an element of 'role play' to any real hypnosis, but the brain and its susceptibility to suggestion are surprisingly powerful things, and that doesn't make erotic hypnosis any less hot to me.

| >>767543
An idiot

| Remember g/u/rls, do not kinkshame anyone
Everyone has their right to get turned on

| I wish I could have sex with anyone I wanted in public where everyone can see and nobody cares! I want everyone to wear clothes that show off their genitals! I wish I could piss wherever I wanted and have it be normal!

| I wanna get caught mastrubating to someone or catch someone mastrubating to me, and then help each other out with that

Guess that appeals to me cause I'm shy and can't approach people, so just jack off moaning out someone name and then they come. Flawless logic!

| >>767732 What do you call that kink?? i'm actually very into that too! that's actually a fantasy of mine

| I really want to tell my boyfriend what I'm about to share, as he's very open, but I think it's a little bit too much for him and I think it's pretty impossible for it to actually happen

I want my boyfriend to fill me up with cum to the point where it leaks out really bad with his cock still inside
He already finishes inside during sex, and let me tell you, the feeling of cum oozing out is amazing
But I really just want to be filled up to the max (1/2)

| (2/2) I know he doesn't cum enough for my pussy to be filled but I'd like to try filling me up with cum lube instead, with a dildo cuz a syringe isn't very sexy nor arousing

I don't think I'll ever be able to tell him about it so I guess I'll wait until I can safely order a dildo and cum lube to try my fantasy myself.. alone...

| Male chastity

| I kinda like how farts smell. That's... really not something I'm super proud of, but damn

| I want to be pegged, used and abused. Maybe even NTR. Like, being sextoy for loving pair.

| >>767933 maybe ask him to take zinc? I remember taking zinc and it noticably increased how much I came,along with taking time(for some reason I cum more when I edge) and obviously if one waits a few days the cum will be fully produced in the body.

| >>767933 Aww I get it tbh. At least sort of since I use toys with cumlube sometimes. It's a great fantasy tbh but I hope you can work up the courage to ask him! I get super nervous bringing anything like that up with my gf but shes always been super supportive and sweet. It's always harder than it seems.

| >>767932 you should tell him sis! It may be a hard feat but if he truly loves you, i'm sure he'd be more than happy to oblige!

| >>767932 you should tell him sis! It may be a hard feat but if he truly loves you, i'm sure he'd be more than happy to oblige!

| Traps, I think traps are hot

| >>768153 up up up

| >>768151 Yeah, especially with how much he likes to finish inside,
Buy, somehow, I really dont trust him telling him I want to be filled up with his cum
Idk I have some trouble trusting him with my fantasies..
I would also like to ask him to rp so I can live another fantasy : loli
I'd like him to rp as a teacher or just someone who has authority over a minor, the minor being me of course

I'm just scared he'll see me just as a freak and will tell his shitty friends about all this

| >>768278 RP is a very normal thing imo. How long have you been with him? If he really loves you he wouldn't mind honestly. He may not like it or be into it but he shouldn't shame you or make you feel bad either since it's pretty harmless stuff.

| >>768278 wear a clown mask and tell him to use his batrang in your jokerhole

| >>768279 we've known each other since September and even then there were growing feelings, got into an argument, talked again in January, got together in February, got into another massive argument in May and now (june) we back together again

So we been dating since February

Damn right he shouldn't shame me for this stuff but like, I'm just scared he'll tell his friends
It's not like I hang out with those people in the first place but it's better if he shuts the fuck up bout it

| >>768370 Aww I'm really sorry to hear that ;_;

Yeah I understand where you're coming from then, it shouldn't ever leave you two anyways. That's not the kind of thing a good partner would do.

| >>768370 DO YOU REMEMBA???

| >>768561 I do rememba the 21th of septemba.

| >>768370 i hope you g/u/rls are doing better with your relationship! Seems like there are areas you need to work on to and i can totally understand now on why you can't trust your boyfriend with your fetishes.

Look at this, it was once an obscure thread and now we're just trying to be a support group for one of our g/u/rls. I love the internet.

| >>768661 Yeah it's nice tbh though I always try my best to help!! <3

| https://nhentai.net/g/341663/3/

| >>768674
Warning, it's snuff/gore

| >>768715 interesting! why do you think you like this?? what's so arousing about it? btw i'm asking out of curiosity!!

| >>768715
liar liar liar

| >>768278 top tier fetish here g/u/rl

| Test

| Test

| >>768883

| >>768278 maybe you should do a fetish swap g/u/rl. He can live out one of his fetishes in exchange for you living out one of yours. Who knows? Maybe you'll both find something new you're into.

| Tbh hardcore vanilla with lots of intimacy, kissing and love. You get jugded for it nowadays because ppl think its boring but they just dont understand how intense it can get and feelings aaaaahhhhh

| Honestly I'm a mixed with what I like. Some days I wanna choke someone, slap em around, and make them beg for what they want. Other days I wanna be ordered around, fucked in the ass, crossdress, and get teased in public. I dunno what's wrong with me

>>768971 Agreed dude. Whenever I'm not a filthy animal I just wanna cuddle and kiss someone.

| >>768971 hardcore vanilla is wild and is the original for a reason. I'm really into foreplay and just really making love and not just calling someone a slut or get stepped on or something. Idk why it gets frowned upon when it's easily the god-tier

| I'm really into people collecting their used condoms... I think these are better proofs than cum stains and marker drawings because they're easy to fake, and I think keeping scores is so degenerate yet so... ahhhh

| I really enjoy people being very much like me.

| Uniboobs.

| >>769198 what are uniboobs??

| probably cnc. yeah. cnc.

| >>769198 It's like how Cyclops has one eye, except... it is unibreast? more specifically.

| >>769198 is that a hentai thing or real people can have it

| >>769308 I saw it in a movie once.
"Kung Pow: Enter the Fist"

| >>769308
It's banned in Canada, that I know

| >>768996 Lmao, sounds like you're a Switch, welcome to the club

| >>769308
theyre either explaining it poorly or talking about something else, but a uniboob is when the boobs aren't quite separated by cleavage, look up /r/uniboobs on reddit, or pornstar Dillon Harper for examples of it

| 26 years, virgin... Well I don't have anything like that ...

| >>769387 no kinks whatsoever? nothing that you're into?? :o how weird. figured that it's the virgin ones that have wilder imagination

| >>f53df7 I think they have the imagination but not the experience. Somehow many older virgins also have never made any experiences with porn too it seems. Kind of wierd to have no kink if you ask me.

| >>769422 exactly. that's why the kinks should be greater because they haven't explored what works and what doesn't yet.
this g/u/rl is capping

| When I think about kinks is kinda weird, the only thought about sex is soo common... Maybe I have something like that but... A well.

| When we talk about hentai my favorite tag is incest(any tipe) but when I put it in real life ... Nah, thinking about fuck my family looks crazy and my pp don't work. I don't mix my hentai preference with my real life...

| Phew I'm not the only one on a watchlist. I also think that a lot of my hentai fantasms are just because the fact that one makes me come faster because more hardcore, and that irl that would be a whole other story.

| Femdom "^^

| Sometimes I wish a femdomme would walk around the apartment barefeet and make me lick up her sweaty footprints and put a sock over my mouth to ride me around like a horse, reducing me only to crawling. I'd cook her meals but the only thing I'd eat is kibbles with her sweat squeezed out of gym socks on top of it. I'd spend the rest of the day under the desk while she works and takes out her frustrations on my face by scratching it with her toenails.

| This thread is fun to read.

| I have a piss kink, a pretty specific one though. I saw two vids of a guy pissing in a girl and fucks the piss out of her which is really hot. I also like when guys piss when they have an errection, it’s especially fun when the guy wants to pee really badly, but because they need to cum the pee gets blocked.

I like it partly because of the embarrassment and humiliation. But I like because of the act of it more than pee itself,

| like I don’t want to ingest pee, but any situation involving pee often is embarrassing and that really turns me on.

I like post orgasm torture (and in the similar vein forced orgasm I.e being strapped to a hitachi and others), especially with guys, so cute when guys are very over sensitive just after coming and you keep stroking! Props when they squirt.

| Recently, I saw this one gif of a cock sheath and a guy trying to come but he can’t. I think about it fairly often, but I don’t really know what catergory it is in and haven’t been bothered to find out.

Um… but this is mostly fantasy. Ha. Ha. Ha.

| Recently, I saw this one gif of a cock sheath and a guy trying to come but he can’t. I think about it fairly often, but I don’t really know what catergory it is in and haven’t been bothered to find out.

Um… but this is mostly fantasy. Ha. Ha. Ha.

| I would probably not tell anyone irl lol

| >>767097 ay you might be into ddlg

| >>769862
The famous game for fishes, Doki Doki Literature Glub.

| >>769861 Wow that's honestly amazing lol <3

| >>769860
That sounds kind amazing! I'd love to have a cute girl torture me like that, teasing me and playing with me and making me beg, but not letting me cum~

| I would love to order a cute twink to not fall over, then kick him in the balls a couple times and watch him try to stay standing~
but also idk if that's really my big fetish or if it's just something I wanna try once before I die.

| Weirdest/most obscure kink i have huh? including impossible ones, probably non-fatal brainfucking(normally with tentacles) or sexual parasites... Realistic ones though, probably just hypnosis...

| It's not obscure to the people I know irl, but tentacles. I's trade an arm for some, at least. Everyone plays it off as as joke, like 'haha you like tentacles zomg so hentai, lol' and we all laugh and smile, but I know exactly how I'd fuck each and every one of them if I had tentacles.

>>768056 >>767933
Get him to take the 'god tier cum' vitamon supplements. The mix works, or at least it did for me and mine. Nearly doubled the size of the load, especially with some edging.

| >770030
One day we will have non-fatal skullfucking~

| >>b60f62 what is "zinc"?

| Inflation, like with an air hose. and getting balloon sized proportions.... very unrealistic and dangerous fetish :(

| >>4ee7cc i imagine a dick poppin and that not pleasent. At least for me

| I wish I could be a femboy in chastity, getting my ass absolutely pounded and filled with cum. or have a caring figure who puts me in chastity and then lets me fuck the shit out of them with my big dick. idk if I'm 100% into the chastity thing tho, I don't want to get smaller or damage my peen. that's something that I want to take care of.

| >>1be274 Your worries won't happen. You can actually become a femboy pretty easily. It may take some effort to learn all of the stuff you have to take care of but if you are not massively overweight then the rest should be only a matter of how brave you are. Also finding somebody who likes femboys is very, very easy. Try it out!

| >>658012 i think he means like hose goes in girl and her butt and boobs grow

| I can get behind that ngl op

| My kink is probably the other party reaching orgasm. I love watching hentai where the female is being pleasured intensely, where they are twitching in ecstacy. I think the tag is mindbreak?

| >>770541 i think mindbreak and just letting your partner finish is two different things o.o is your fetish making them cum so much that they couldn't even think?

| >>770418 so like chubby people but extreme

>>770626 oh man, when the come so much they can’t even talk, they just babble or scream incomprehensible things. That’s hot.

But no mind break, it’s disturbing to me.

| >>769887 E d g I n g yesss that’s really hot

| I like it when an enormous entity, supposedly with limbs, doesn't have to be human, but have arms legs etc. Uses the girl like a sex toy (holding them by the stomach and stroke the dick with the woman). It's like fucking with a dragon... ooh..

| >>771015 so kind of like pumping a human girl like a fleshlight?

| >>771015 hot

| >>770705 this~ xd

| >>770705
Right? I want a pretty girl to make me b e g

| >>a80ea4 true

| >>771086 oof that sounds hot as fuck. edging is underrated

| >>771188
Agreed! Combine it with bondage and sensory deprivation for extra unf factor.

| Dreams~ xd

| I bought "Cat Girl" VN... I will imagine that it's me...

| >>771430 I wish I was a catgirl too>:3

| Pretty late to the convo but Inreally like guro. I know it's wholly unrealistic but it's such a unique and wild genre of porn and hentai that I've grown to appreciate. It plays into some of my more realistic kinks including air play and knife play that mix a bit of pain into sex which has always turned me on.

| >>771908 wait wtf is a guro

| >>772132
cartoon gore

| >>771519 it is name, it should being about s&m "^^

| >>771908
Stick with the softer stuff. Hard guro is a dark road

| cum inflation, liquid inflation, weight gain, Transformation, futanari. Green Skin like orc female. goblin shortstacks etc.

| >>7c2e04 also..... OP never said anything about cartoons. let's just hope its animated fantasy.

| Be horny but most importantly be safe and make the right choice \D\

| Immense cruelty, sadism, the "destroy and heal" trope, monstrous women like in >>768674

| >>772256 OP here! all is welcome! cartoons or not! You can specify it if needed

I thoroughly agree. Be horny but be safe!

| >>a697a6 I am extremely low weight so uhh

| >>772256 goblin shortstacks....

| One word, armpits

| Hamsters

| >>772745 please no, no again..

| >>772723 clean or dirty

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