| I want to turn you into a pig slut whore!

| i though i made this thread lmao (I'm the op from the other "You!")

| thought*

| but nah, i don't really like pigs, i don't like being a slut whore either, but you know what I like? ideas for the danger/u/ only fans.

| I think... You need to get some help.

| pig?

| Why pig?

| Kill yourself.

| Live yourself.

| Wait, Re-live yourself? Is that the opposite of kill?

| Fuck yourself.

| https://i.imgur.com/j3NI19y.png

| >>766390 I would do that if I could,after all, I'm into selfcest.

| But I already am a pig slut whore.

| Worst thread on danger/u/ right now

| >>766548

| Re-re-rekill!

| Last time that happened the economic framework or malaysia collapsed

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