i have a question

| in zelda BOTW, if you stasis someone and then suck his dick, will all the sensation come at the end or will he feel nothing at all? (might have grammar mistakes but idc the question is more important here)

| That's a pretty interesting question I'm not gonna lie.
If physics work in BOTW work like I guess, I think they would feel all the sensation at the end.

| I love sex.

| Never played BOTW, so I'll give my take based on what I found on a wiki.

When in stasis, objects are frozen in time, and any effect applied on them will take place once their time is regained at once, so whoever gets time-sucked will only feel it at the end.

One argument that can be made, tho, is, and orgasm is a slow stimulation buildup, and maybe that buildup wouldn't be possible when their time has stopped.

| i want a time-suck

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