Consensual handholding

| I just really want to ask someone if I can hold their hand for a while, get a yes, and then hold their hand for a while.

| Handholding is something special and very lewd

| >>765277 ask me~
i would gladly do it g/u/rl!

| I'll gladly hold your hand, anon :)

| You're implying the existence of unconsensual handholding. Which ngl sounds kinda hot.

Rape someone by taking their handholding virginity

| Hey I'm handholding anon from that other thread. Do you want to hold hands I promise I won't be too pushy!

| God I wish someone held my hand

| >>765283
Mhm! It's something very special. I really want to do it with someone~

>>765287 >>765288 >>765415
Are you g/u/rls sure it would be okay? It would be my first time handholding and I don't want to dissapoint anyone...

| >>765439
I wouldn't have it any other way..

| >>765569
Thank you! That means a lot :3

| I've held hands before. AMA

| >>765439 it's ok g/u/rl, i could even teach you some tricks <3

| >>765607
Woah! Really?
You know how to do that stuff and you'd be willing to teach me?

| >>765638 and for free!

| >>765642
That's so kind! Oh my god!
Are you sure though? I wouldn't want to waste your time and stuff. It probably wouldn't be very fun for you with someone new like me...

| >>765647 that's the fun part, doing it with someone new!

and I'm pretty sure <3

| >>765648
Really?! I thought it was only fun with the good ones.

Thank you! That means a lot!
When do you think you have time and stuff?

| >>765439 maybe we can hold hands together, like circle hand holding.
Do you prefer painted nails yay or nay?

| >>765651 I have a lot of time today~

| >>765668
I- I don't think I'm prepared for that...
It sounds really scary. I haven't even held one hand before! It's too sudden...
And, I like both. Whatever makes person who's nails it is happy.

Really?! Today?!
That's so soon! I just got home from work! I'm super tired :(

| >>765681 what about today? <3

| >>765863
Oh no. I think are time zones are all wacky! I'm just going to bed :(

| >>765865 then a goodnight handholding~?

| >>765882
I would love that!!!
But, only if it's okay with you and stuff.

| >>765897 it's completely okay with me! uwu
so whenever you want :D

| >>765901
After work today maybe?

| >>765931 sure~ <3

| >>765971
I'm done with work now!!!
I'm a little bit nervous though...

| >>765995 why are you nervous~? perhaps i can do something to help you with that

| >>766007
Really? That would be really sweet of you.

| >>766013 then what can i do for you sweetie~?

| >>766085
I would really like it if you held my hand please...
But, please be gentle with me...

| >>766176 I'll be as gentle as i can~

*gently holds your hand*

is this gently enough?

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