please come in

| last post "You!" was joke, now i seriously need headpats, don't care how they're delivered + you get to do anything to me after giving the minimum quantity of 1 headpat

| This is a good deal. I'm in.
*Headpat Delivered*
I hope you can recieve more headpats from the other g/u/rls

| >>765105 thanks g/u/rl, what do you want in exchange for that headpat?

| >>765107 I would like to ask you telling me everything is gonna be ok ;)

| >>765109 sure! everything is going to be ok g/u/rl! you just need some time and luck with it, maybe even help so don't be shy and ask for it!

| >>765115 Thanks you so much fellow g/u/rl, I needed to read that.
You've brighten my day!
Have an extra headpat
*Pats your head with more enthusiasm*

| >>765117 many thanks for the extra headpats nwn

anything else I can do for you g/u/rl?

| Sounds like a good deal. What will happen if I do this...
*Gives double-handed headpat*

| >>765144 first, i would melt in happiness then, you get to choose 2 things to do :D
+ a hug

| >>765194 I'd love to have you sit on my lap and play some vidya together, and everytime we win I can give you more headpats as a reward~

| >>765249 i love that idea~

but only if you're hugging me when I'm on your lap uwu

| >>765099 dp you accept headpats delivered by avian carriers?

| >>765255 yep

| *One headpat delivered in cotton gloves*

| >>765251 I was planning on doing that even if you didn't ask~

| >>765333 b-but how did you know that i like gloves? u~u

| >>765355 perfect then~

| >>765394 >>0795eb here.
I didn't, I just guessed-
I'm feeling very, very tipsy and funny; could you help me out a little?~

| I am gonna COME into you, bitch.

| Oh, I thought you're that pigslut

| >>765843 i would gladly help in anything you need~

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