| i demand my daily ration of headpats at once!

preferably with caressing, wholesomeness and kind words.

not that I like any of that stuff... but what are *you* waiting for? headpat me immediately

| Daily ration? For me it's a yearly ration.

| *Pats head*
"You're a good gurl"

| >>765048 then I'll provide daily headpats to you!
*pat pat*

| >>765053 thanks fellow g/u/rl~

| I am too dysfunctional to pat back however

| >>765057 then you'll be used as a headpat-dump

| ö

| >>765057
Head pats are better anyway

| If you ask for them you don't deserve them slãg

| >>765079 but im demanding them, not asking.

now headpat me.

| >>765084 I feel that is my duty to fulfill that order, Headpat Captain.
*Pats head*

| >>765104 many thanks! you will be rewarded with a hug

| >>765106 You're always welcome captain. I like hugs a lot so thanks you too

| >>765108 *hugs you* there you go!

| >>765112 There's nothing like a good hug!
Thanks buddy

| >>765118 whenever you want! you only need to give me a good headpat and you'll get lots of hugs~

| >>765041*pat pat*

| >>765316 many thanks! uwu

| This is a pretty wholesome thread OP, I hope you're doing well :) Never forget that everyday is a new day for progress, no matter how small.

| >>765575 many thanks! kinda needed that honestly

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