I want my mom to peg me, part 2, AMA

| OP here from https://boards.dangeru.us/d/thread/753760
We have been having a wonderful relationship, pleasuring each other at a time. I've been just incredibly happy since, dunno what to expect from this but AMA(no pics)

| Did you ever switch roles or was she always on top?

| Q: Did your inspiration for this story come from somewhere else?

| we'll ask when she pegs you

| >>764987
Yes. She has her needs too and deserves to have those needs met. We are there for each other.
No single thing, I guess, but I read a lot of hentai with similar premise, so that was probably that pushed me over
Are asking for a schedule?

| Hope you're using protection OP cause going to the abortion clinic might turn awkward for both of you

| >>765208 she is on pills for now, hopes to start menopause soon. Condom only for my ass. She wants my cum

| Nice fanfic

| Does she actually likes fucking your ass?

| >>765737 Who wouldn't like to fuck man ass?

| >>765799 is it still a man, once it's ass is fucked?

| >>765817
It's more like a stroĆ°inn

| >>765737 well, I guess. Otherwise this thread probably wouldn't exist

| >>766121
But, it's fake

| >>766192 sure Elvis

| Probably in the 1st thread, but:
Is it legal?

| >>766576
I hope not

| What's not legal about it? And which jurisdiction? This is internet

| Ok, have you made her squirt?

| >>766989 she doesn't squirt, at least that's what she says

| What does her pussy taste like?

| >>767071 kinda like fish? Always hungry after our sessions

| Dude I love this place

| Also congrats OP.
I want to fuck my auntie since i was a kid but idk how i can even do It

| Do you get turned on when she moans?
Does she get turned on when you moan?

| >>767143 she gets turned on when I moan
I get turned on when I moan. Her moaning just makes me happy :)

| How many times have you had sexual encounters with your mom by now?

| >>767512 haven't been counting, but my two hands definrtly don't have enough fingers. It's almost everyday but we also skip some days and sometimes it's more than once a day

| What you will do if she gets pregnant?

| >>767582 there is always abortion but we are taking precaution, as I've already mentioned

| >>767609 abortion is murder

| >>767721 so is death penalty, what's your point?

| >>767721
I can't quite say if it's just a bait or smth, but man

| >>767725 death penalty isn't Christian too.

| >dw kids killing people is alright!

| >>767721 imagine being this mf and getting scandalised at the mention of abortion, but not at the fucking fact we're in a threat about a guy getting fucked by his mom

| >>767761
Would you rather fuck someone or kill someone

| >>767768 I mean anal is sodamy so either way you're going to hell *shrug*

| >>767793 what makes you think, we are all not already there?

| >>767768 depending who and what purpose it serves, sex only brings pleasure but if killing someone makes other lives better or less miserable, so be it, even if it was my own

| >>767876 die for me.

| >>767876
>sex only brings pleasure
Uhh... not when you do it g/u/rl...

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