Yokai is hot

| I mean... do you also feeling that yokai masks (specially fox one) are hot? i mean... something as when is told that glasses are causing people smarter... i feel that this mask is make them mysterious and dominant xd is this only me or others are having this feeling too?

| Yes, it is hot when I am wearing a yokai mask all day, because I can't breathe.

| I hate the yokai foxes because they're mischievous

| >>764949 wait... It isn't kind of what what i was mean xD

>>764950 i wish yokai fox what would be mischievous on me xd

But kitsune half masks are looking awesome... xd

| >>764967 they will steal your wealth

| >>764978 They can go ahead I'm already broke. I get that fox pussy and they get my empty wallet

| >>764978 can... they steal my soul? or my virginity instead~

| Losers

| Am i?:c

| >>f90ff9 No you aren't a loser. You just gave me a new fetish! So thanks you I guess lol

| >>765284 you are welcome i guess xd
My mind is really kinky xd

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