Homo Fantasies

| I can't stop having them. This year I've just been ridiculously curious about the same sex. I think about sexy White boys all fucking day, right now. I think about a boy's smooth skin and abs and running my tongue over them. I dream about getting with a cute guy and sucking each other's dicks. Laying in bed and kissing and cuddling. I love women and have had my share of relationships, but I'm craving some Greek friendship.

| So what? Get a date with a guy and see if reality can keep up with your fantasy

| White boys reign supreme.

| I love sex.

| Get some bussy g/u/rl, go for it!

| Remember being on /d/, clicking on a link here and it was a dickpic. Then I started thinking of black guydick while believing I was a whole ass straight. Turns out that's only half true

| >>764879
>Then I started thinking of black guydick
You are repugnant

| If you also fantasize about femboys then count me in!

| >>764780
I don't think that's possible. I live an area with very few perceivable non-str8s. I don't want to try Grindr because I'm wary about STD's and I don't want to go to the only gay bar here for the same reason and also because it's probably mostly boomers. I'd like to meet someone that I can get to know first, but that seems extremely unlikely.

| >>764800
Indeed, I just want to stick to muh own people and think they're the most sexy.

Femboys are hot and coombine the best of both worlds. The French one is the hottest I know of.

| >>764897
I am French.

| >>764882

What can I say? I like my man how I like my coffee. How about you add suger on that dick you're sucking like a little baby

| >>764905
I have nothing to hear from a niggerlover

| >>764901
Oh yeah? I'm part French. I bet you're probably cute...

Please tell me you're not

| I diagnose you with gay

| >>764915
I'm kinda cute when I shave. I'm insecure because I wanna be qt '~'
I'm >>764882 >>764906, too spicy for you...

| >>764923
If you're
>>764882 &>>764906, you sound right up my alley. What makes you say you're too spicy for me? I like it spicy.

| Pics or y'all don't exist

| That sounds nice OP, you should indulge a little. There are some very well made hentai with cute men that I'm sure you would enjoy. I don't partake but if you enjoy it, go pound that bussy.

Unless you get off on the perceived negativity of being a gay. In which case enjoy your homo fantasies but don't let it turn into rude behaviour to actual homos, that would be mean.

| >>764945 sadly i can only offer /d/ pics

| >>764926
I am spicy hot! But only cute in like a handsome way, not femoy sadly.

| >femoy
I also can't spell as you can see

| >>764895 grindr causes std or what is the logic here? Just use a condom at all times and you should be fine. even when giving or receiving a handjob or a blowjob just to be save.

>>764991 those /d/ pics are always welcome here

| >>765081 then I'll make some when i go to bed~

| I live a weird life. With facial hair I can look comically ugly but when I shave I can actually look fucking tasty.

| >>764945 I'm not any of the previous g/u/rls, but I'll still post some pics...


| >>765162 i loved them~

yesterday i fell asleep faster than i expected, so I'll take some /d/ pics today!

| watch this:

| >>765162 i did not expect that, but the pics are welcome nontheless. Nice bulge ;)

| >>765162
You've posted here before, right? I'm pretty sure I remember you.

Also, welcome to the club OP. Women are nice, men are nice, and the in-betweens are sometimes even nicer. Feels good to be greedy.

| >>765276 ah, yeah, I post here lots~! If you call for me in a thread in any board other than /cyb/ or /new/, chances are you'll be able to get ahold of me. :3

| >>765162
Out of my miserable league tbh

| >>765162 Damn, your legs are absolutely delicious! I mean, they look really cute!

| >>765180 I'm back, and with a /d/ pic :P


(too shy to directly upload a d pic u///u)

| >>765466
What the fuck... dude we need a ruler

| >>765470 already mesured it :P

| but i could take a pic with a ruler if you want

| >>765480 measured*

| Yes

| >>765466
Oh my~
Yes please (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

| >>765490

here http://imgur.com/a/DLOnBN2

sorry for the bad quality, lighting wasn't the best this time, I took more pics, in which the ruler is visible through all the /d/ but the numbers are even less readable

| >>765517
You've got such a nice one~

| >>765519 many thanks~

i can upload some that I had from yesterday if anyone wants them uwu

| >>765520
Did you really just ask right now?

| >>765530 yep, i think i'll just upload them at this point lmao

| >>f4ab33 here.>>765520 you should totally upload those g/u/rl! I wonder if we were to start a /d/ OF, if we could collectively make enough money to cover the cost of upgrades to danger/u/...

| >>765545 i was thinking about doing that a couple of days ago actually, want to open a thighs and /d/ OF?


loved your pics btw

| Mmm... I'd be open to donating some pics every now and then, yeah. Under the condition that receipts are provided proving the money's going to /u/, I suppose. What would /d/'s OF be called? /d/ragon? Everyone knows /d/ is for /d/ragon!

| >>765574 i love name /d/ragon, i'll look a bit into it, want to discuss this somewhere else?

| >>765621
post ass

| >>765629 i don't like my ass tho, but I could give it a try

| OP here, I need gay sex.

| >>765635 hello sweetie~
want to have gay sex?

| >>765621 feel free to add me on Discord. I think I've posted it here before... qteaonthenet#0732. Alternatively you could email me, if you prefer. -w-b

| >>765636
Yes, are you in the Central Florida area? Have you been extensively tested for STD's?

| I need a fucking hot boy on my cock. I need a hot boy sucking my dick and gargling my fucking balls.

| >>765656 there, just sent a friend request

| >>765664 South America, and no STD's :P

| >>765667
Fucking little bitch, I would fuck you so hard.....come here, boy...

| >>765667 >>765671 o,o

| >>765671 that's a little rough for tho u.u

| Any other g/u/rls want to join our endeavour? TLDR, we're paying server fees via a collective OnlyFans.

| >>765755 maybe if we do a separate thread it could get more attention

| >>765755
Lol I'm too shy for that shit
I probably don't even look good

| >>765755 sounds fun, but I can't promise anything yet

| >>765755
Link and sample

| Lol, I got a little out of hand while I was drinking...

| >>765862 we're working on it g/u/rl!

| Bump

| >>766345l
Lol, why?

| Thighs! Thigh highs!

| I fucking love cute boys

| Is this OF for femboys? Are.. are.. actual g/u/rls allowed to be in on it too? ;///;

| >>766811
Fujoshi! Fujoshi!

| >>766814 i-i'm not!! I was thinking of submitting!!

| >>766827
Ooh, in what way?

| >>766811 the idea is that anyone that is from danger/u/ is allowed to join, however we can't link multiple accounts, but we can add a link tree to each profile and everyone will be connected somehow

| >>766811 so answering your question, yes, if you're still interested message me on discord ( O5-6#9303 keep in mind that it's a capital O, as in the letter, not the number ), i'll make discord server for coordination

| >>766870
Fuck discord

| >>766871 agreed, fuck everything

| >>766877
What, including me?

| >>766881 if you want to be fucked, yes~

| >>766882
Well, yeah, I wanna.

| >>766883 then you'll get fucked asap by someone of your choice that is available to give a fuck

| OP here, just wanted to come in and lol. I made this thread when I was shitfaced, lol.

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