Corruption and moral degeneration

| Cuz face it, it's hot when normal innocent girls drop down to your level. Or worse, and that's even better.

| Moral degradation not so much, but I do love making people cum.

| I love sex.

| I hate you OP. I really do.
I hate the thought of bringing someone down just for the sake of pleasure. I'm more into consensual love and affection.
Guess you've got too much semen flowing up your head that you can't think of anything else. I'm hoping for your improvement.

| Sounds like fucking garbage OP

| I think there's different meanings of bringing someone down. I wouldn't call it *moral* degeneration but i can see the appeal in A subverting the expectations about someone who seems outwardly non-sexual or B. breaking social norms about 'slutty' behavior. Neither of those is actually wrong or anti-consensual love and affection.

There certainly is fucked up hentai around the theme but i mean it's hentai

| kinda hot kinda not
as long as theyre cool with getting down and dirty

| >>764524 we can have both. the best is when your partner would normally never engage in your gross fetish play but is so turned on they want to try it anyways...

it does really suck how most hentai has the girl say no to it then get turned on after though. that shit always makes me upset after.

| People saying that corruption/degeneration is garbage but consider 177013 as the best hentai is the worst

| >>764635 >nhentai
What a fag

| >>764650
Well I did call it Emergence back in the time, but now people don't recognize it as easily with it's name.

| >>764635 i don't know anyone who unironically liked emergence for the porn

some of the art was kinda nice but it's just a meme because the internet is still full of stupid kids who look at porn like it's a freakshow at a carnival (because it must be weird and bad if they're too young to be allowed to look at it)

| I always thought shit like this was pretentious and corny. I view humans as being part of the Animal Kingdom, so since I don't put humanity on a pedastal, there's not much novelty in the degradation of their presumed nobility.

| >>765032
We always knew you were no better than a dog

| Kinda weird that it just turns into subduing girls that bullied you in highschool, but you do you boo. It's pathological anyway.

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