Girls that are lolicons

| Are they identifying themselves as the lolis ?
They find them really cute so they're generally lesbian ?
Been in my mind cuz both matsuri and marine from hololive are lolicons.
They don't seems to identifying themselves as the lolis. But when men read shota x onesan they definitely identify themselves as the boy.

| What do you mean identifying themselves as ?
Your wording is very weird

| I guess they would. They *are* lolicons, gender be damned.

| >>5e4514
Oh sorry yes identify to/with.
I'm french, just so you know.

| >But when men read shota x onesan they definitely identify themselves as the boy.
Ary you implying people into /ss/ are shotacons?

| It really depends on the context. Do you mean with loli x oneesan, or loli x older male?

| >But when men read shota x onesan they definitely identify themselves as the boy.
i'd prefer to be the oneesan personally. although both povs are good.

| >>764081
What do you mean "identifying themselves"???
J'aimes pas de quelle culture tu sors ├ža, mon mignon!

| >>764113
Well marine and matsuri talked about loli x older male

| girlpedos are strangely hot

| Im a girl and I absolutely LOVE loli
When I consume loli media, I identify as the loli getting fucked by the man
It has come to a point where IRL I'm only attracted to guys older than me/who look older than me

I like to be treated as a child who doesn't understand a lot but that doesn't mean I don't like to feel sexy or that I'm unable to think more bout anything
It's really arousing to think of some man touching me and fucking me with his dick that's too big for my little body

| >>764483
Fucking amazing.

| Yo yo fellas what the peck is going on over here?

| >>764483

| >>764483 interesting,I know for men who enjoy shota x oneesan it is somewhat similar. They want the older sexually domineering woman to dominate and also have that peak motherly energy.I personally like it though regular Loli and shota is gross,disgusting,and vile. I suppose naturally you find children gross but,when you can identify with the character in the situation where your being dominated and helpless.It is hot.>>764091 No,I want to be dominated by a strong motherly oneesan.

| >>764867 What do you mean regular loli and shota ?

| i don't think there's really a meaningful single "reason" people are into loli/shota shit. Some identify as the kid, some like the unique relationship dynamics, some legit enjoy the idea of railing/being railed by the tiny little sibling/neighborhood cutie (this isn't counting pedos, talking strictly fiction here)

personally it's a mix for me, also just cute and sexy art, sometimes it's nice to be coddles, sometimes they think it's fun to coddle, best way to know may be to ask.

| >>765029 interesting take on it all.

>>764975 like just shota and Loli and that being the main focus to me is gross. Though I dunno. Just the thought of being a cute shota being dominated by a mature and sensual oneesan just is really hot.

| >>764483

That's pretty hot, ngl.

I've known a few women IRL who are into older men and I always wondered what their starting point was. For at least one of them, it had to do with lacking a father figure IRL due to their parents divorcing early, but that's just our speculation.

| >>764334 that sure is a take, goddamn

| >>765557 Ooooh then yeah I totally get what you mean, you mean like, those drawings where you only see dick or the person is all Grey right ? I hate these too SO MUCH

>>765800 Having divorced parents myself, I really wonder if I'm into loli because of that
I also get more along with boys and largely prefer male teachers in school (though it doesn't mean I dislike some of my female teachers)

Or maybe daily hentai consumption made me that way idk lol

| It's not just ladies though, with the amount of dudes with luli avatars leads me to believe its more of an emotional identification of how they feel or would like tp be treated.

In my experience people who hyper identify with tend to have it as some sort of trauma response or through sheer exposure of degen hentai.

| >>766218
what kind of trauma ?

| IDK why but when I read that kinda stuff, I don't project myself on the loli or the guy. I just think the situation is hot, but not something i'd like happen to me, and it's not like I'd want to watch it IRL either. Oops am I a cuckold ?

| I like it cause I knew about sex since I was 10 and ngl maybe I would've felt more confident if I got fucked between then and now

| >>766332

No, you're "normal." Insofar as anyone of us who watches hentai can be considered "normal," lol.

| >>baba2e being molested but more often from having there first encounter at a very young age and not being able to process it properly.

The first one is obvious. But kids finger blasting eachother in the park isn't something that can get incorporated easily as an adult.

So it gets expressed in chinese cartoons.

| >>766454
>maybe I would've felt more confident if I got fucked between then and now
This. I feel the same personally, concerning 10-15

| I trough you are looking for a lolicon girlfriend

| Maybe the lolis we searched for were the friends we made along the way.

| >>766726
Do you have a lolifriend gurl?

| >>766727 I don't have a lolifriend, but I'd like to ask: Is it socially okay to have lolifriends?

| >>766737
What if it isn't?

| >>766750 I would be sad if it isn't but welp that's just the world we live in

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