Fat cock

| Fat cocks. I think they're good, but also need to be certain length to be fully enjoyable, if a dick is long but skinny that shit ain't worth it, but if it's average and fat, we having s good time.

I hear your postures and arguments about fat cock, g/u/rls

| How fat is fat?

| Why aren't you normal? Be a lesbian loke every other g/u/rl here.

| >>763903
Be more considerate towards dick lesbians.

| >>763915 you mean bisexuals

| >>763953 love for dicks and sexual orientation are two different things

| >>763971 false.

| >>763971 True, even in the case I may not be in a relationship with a man I may encounter a long, but not fat dildo, even lesbians who use dildos or straps for sexual activities can answer in this thread

| >>763915 We shall never not consider our sisters with a dick, so yes, please keep them in mind

| >>763883 I probably would say around>4cm wide starts being fat

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