Tomboy gf

| Somehow I got a tomboy gf.
Trouble is, I'm more into a goth gf.
She has no interest in not being a tomboy and she really likes me.

| I will always be here if you want someone to take her.

| Looks like you're just gunna have to turn into the goth gf of the relationship. That's how it works g/u/rl.

| >>756190
Seconded. Best of luck!

| >no shy outdoors fireplace fitness muscle abs sadistic loving dom emotional support tomboy master gf

| >>756222 Why even live

| >>756222 you just made me realize i am this to my flowerboy they/them bf thanks g/u/rl

follow ur dreams u will find her <3

| >they/them

| >>756240
sunglasses emoji

| Explain the advantages of being a goth tomboy to her inside your mind, and proceed to not do it in the real world.

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