My late acquired beatiful step sister turned out to be a tomboy!


| N I C E

| Did she already got stuck in the washing mashine or whatever?

Did you already got stuck in the washing mashine or whatever?

| Older or younger?

| >>756004 we are both 22

| >>756021

| So, did she made ice cream or anything for yah ? Damn I need tomboy

| Why are you posting this on /d/? Do you want tips on how to fuck her?

| >>756152 I would appreciate it

| >>756237 you just kinda met her right?

Beyond common sense tips idk what we could say: Actually spend time with her, learn about her and what she likes, if you make your move and she says no move on, etc.

| Maybe play up the fact you're not related by blood before you start calling her Onee-chan or whatever? Step-siblings fucking is basically a meme so maybe joke around by saying "what are you doing stepbro?" when you wanna ask her what's she up to

| Or that might be a stupid idea, idk take anon internet advice with a hefty pinch of salt

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