I want to fuck you.

| Title. In any way you want as long as we're both enjoying fellow /d/egenrate g/u/rl

| u wu

| I love sex.

| Ight, I'm waiting for ya with my ass wide open, wet and begging for big and constant spanks in my ass, g/u/rl

| Like an animal?

| Yeahh let's fucking gooo

| >>755624 I would absolutely love to spank your ass while using it~

| >>755703 if you like to do it like an animal sure, let's do it g/u/rl

| Can i cut u up afterward? I promise ull enjoy it

| I can provide a dick if someone is interrested in that

| >>755781 poggers. Put it in a bag n send it to oregon with ice pls

| >>755780 it depends on, even though i've cutted myself, it was not on a lewd way.

So, would you explain more please? Where will you be cutting? How big? How deep? How does cuts brings you (me in this case i guess) pleasure?

| >>755821 mfw im unprepared for when bait is taken aka i didnt think that far xd. But uh, ig make u so high on drugs first u dont know whats happening or use the nonexistent doujin drugs that convert pain to pleasure. As for the cuts, the amputation kind. Drugs will mindbreak u into personal limbless onahole. Im relying too much on the drugs arent i lol

| >>755827 you are relying too much on drugs, i thought it would go more on the psychological side of it.

Sadly i'll have to decline your offer, at the moment im not comfortable with being a limbless onahole u.u

| >>755589 hey! You can't just say it openly... I... *blush* can we maybe hugs and cuddles... And than bondage? "^^

| >>755844 understandable. Have a nice day, king

| >>755589 only if you're anime tomboy

| >>755850 actually that sounds perfect and I would absolutely love to do it, but what kind of bondage?

| >>755864 sorry g/u/rl, I'm not an anime tomboy u.u

| >>755850 Why not both? Cuddling after wrapping someone up in rope so they can't escape is turning me on so much rb


| >>755981 same, I've always wanted to try bondage to that extent, would you help me? I will reward you with a lot of hugs, cuddles and anything that involves bondage really u////u

| >>>755989 this goes both to>>755981 and>>755850 uwu

| Bondage and cuddles from tomboy~ life goals xd

| >>755996
Bondage and cuddles for tomboys, yea.

I actually teach bondage safety seminars at conventions. It is surprisingly easy to cause serious harm with bondage if you don't know what you are doing. Remember, being safe, sane and consensual is the sexiest option.

| >>756099 i'm femboy "^^

| lol. what's your discord?

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