Reading doujins for the plot

| My libido is completely gone but I’ll get a porn addiction just bc I lack personal intimacy in my life.

I don’t even masturbate I just go on nhentai

| Like I chilled out a bit but honestly my tablet is full of all kinds of hentai now. From true love childhood friends losing their virginity together to BDSM incest ryona rapes.

| I love sex.

| I like it when former hentai mangakas turn to regular manga but keeps some of its style intact, like Otogi no Machi no Rena and Dasei 67%.

| I do the same with porn. But I'm not watching it for the plot as I only watch homemade stuff, I watch it for the interactions the women and men have together

| >>754741
That... sounds incredibly lonely. :(

| >>46c256 LOL, dont worry about me <3 I actually have a boyfriend, I just like to observe others (and him lol)

| >>754911
cuckgirl in closet

| >>754741
Am I the only one who gets mad when the porn plot doesn't even make sense by porn plot standards?

| I literally cannot get off if the writing isn't good.

| >>754936 Nah I aint getting cucked, we do have sex almost everytime we see each other
Eveb then, I know he loves me like fr

>>755159 I mean, I don't don't watch porn with a plot to begun with, I watch porn where you only have the sex

| >>755514 tbf online cuck is just used for anyone not into a one on one thing. So just own it that you're a cuckg/u/rl, if cucking is having threesomes then so be it

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