I...think i have a crush on a pornstar

| Her name is Ella Hollywood a trans girl pornstar... She is literally so pretty but I also like her when she is masculine.

Is this attraction unhealthy? Have you guys ever had a random crush on pornstar.

| I've also comes to terms that... I'm not entirely straight? Idek anymore. Maybe this is just puppy love. Gosh I feel like a teenager.

| errr i also kinda want her to top me lmao

| >>754580 maybe "cherry ass", her way of femdom is so much "^^

| >>754587 what does cherry ass mean?

| >>754616 it is her artistic name.. "^^

| I love sex.

| trannies are cringe. futanari are based

| >>754580 omg I love her too!!! She's so pretty I wanna look like her so badly aaaa she's so pretty

| >she

| Yeah that's a yikes my man

| What's this? The endgame of parasocial interaction?

I mean, as long as you're happy you do you. But it doesn't sound very healthy.

| Once covids over go out there and get yourself a transgirlfriend OP

| You will never be a woman

| I think it's common for people to have crushes on people they don't know if they just really fit their type/something they need at the moment, so why not a porn star? Especially if she gets into more intimate seeming stuff than mainstream/big studio stuff tends to get into. Is it a problem? I'd ask if, if she was someone you *did* know but was maybe taken or not interested, if you'd consider what/how much you thought of her to be unhealthy/obsessive or not

| >>754802 Haha i'm not sure tbh, I guess the attraction is inexplicable, but I don't really have an expectation of dating her

>>754808 I'm not attracted to trans people specifically ^^; I'm just attracted to her specifically

>>754809 funny you say that, I am biologically female

>>754810 I don't know her personally

Thanks for your answers anons, my crush doesn't really get in the way of normal life so I think it's fine.

| Op is a whamen???

| >>754933 ya

| >>755050

| Thats kinda hot

| >>d04900 do I have news for you

| Im tempted to screenshot this and send it to her on twitter lol

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