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Would you~

| Would you tie me, hugs me and tell me something~?

| You silly, cute thing... If I'm tying you, it's on my bed, and I'm not going to just hug you... I'm going to tease you with kisses all over your body

| >>754285 i would tie you, hug you a lot and tell you a lot of nice things!

| my mind is so lewd, but i would being so shy too xd

| Sorry I'm more the tied up type

| Tie n dismember. Congrats, u r now a limbless onahole

| no

| Wtf.

| Tied hugs are among the cutest hugs possible

| I love sex.

| Nah I rather prefer to buy a body pillow

| >>754331 please no :c
>>754411 it is making me cute?
>>754415 i don't want sex, only i want cuddles.. and feeling comfy.. am i selfish? :c

| >>754498
A little bit, but so is getting you tied up in a rope harness that you hide under your clothes, cuddling and gently teasing you while out in public.

| I wouldn't feel totally best on public :c

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This thread is permanently archived