Flat chest or big booba

| What's your favourite and why? I just want to keep asking the eternal question and hear your reasonings.

Personally I prefer some real pair of badonkers, for they're sexy, attractive, soft, warm, I can put my head in there, and if the conditions are favourable, I could get lots of mommy milkie from there!

| Don't care, I believe in a fat juicy ass supremacy

| What matters is the titty on the inside, the titty of the heart.

| If we are talking extremes, I am more of a flat is justice believer

| It's not about the size, it's about the sensitivity


| The smaller the boobs the closer youe hands to her heart

| Flat. Makes for a nicer silhouette

| Depends, some bodies can rock giant bazoongers others look really weird

| Flat is way more cute than big, but big has some perks too (when it comes to lewd stuff)

Overall i love flat chest, they are the absolute best

| those that say flat are just deluding themselves. big boobies are the way.

| At this point, I'm not picky

| flat booba

| Both can be good. It's one part of the body that should be judged based on its relationship to everything else. Different features, including boobs, look better on different people.

| >>754208 yes!!!

| I actually wanna try doing naizuri (both giving and taking) cause idk while titty fucking with actual big tits would feel good I'd like how people push the dick onto their chest with their hand. Feels like the best part of a handjob and tittyfuck combined idk

| Flat is great. Big chested is kinda weird, it just doesn't look right.

| As long as they're wrapped in tight, shiny latex, both are sublime.

| >>754428 This g/u/rl spittin

| big is gross thou

| >>754452
I just know what I'm about is all.
And what I'm about is latex.

| >>754454
Mad props to you for your preference.
How do you feel about tentacles?

| >>754534
Different post ID since I'm on a different network now, but I love 'em.
And the two together are an especially delicious combo; squirmy tentacles squeezing and undulating all over smooth shiny rubber, spreading thick, sticky slime~
It's enough to drive a gurl c r a z y

| Flat

| >>753867 You understand it, ass is all that matters

| Both are really good actually, even if you can do more things with big booba

| Salute to everyone ! I agree with previous comment, even being a fan of big bust I appreciate small sizes, too.

| >>754562
What about the tentacles slipping under the latex, leaving thick gobs of goo to ooze out from the openings they leave?

| >>754562 >>755158

>Dozens of tentacles writhing about, seen only by the bulges they make on the latex, while the girl in question bites her teeth down in a vain attempt to avoid ahegaoing, her eyes rolling back into her head.

| big hands and deep voice

| I do like the big booba but a flat chest with a fat ass has charm of its own
plus im a thighs g/u/rl

| booba

| Uhm. I honestly prefer the in-between. Just, a bit of booba. Not too much, not too little. Just perfect amount of booba.
But honestly I see the charm of both flat and hug booba as well. I'm not that picky.

| >>755158 >>755236
Tentacles and slime and latex are all some of my favorite things.
The only way it would be better is if the tentacles start crawling into her head, invading her brain, transforming her mind into one enthralled by its new living prison~

| Flat. Big boobies or normal boobies are annoying. I want to move freely. I want to be barbie ken

| The size doesn't matter, what's really important is to who they are attached to.
I like flat ones tho.

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