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I want my mom to peg me

| I live alone with mom (divorced), never had a girlfriend, just the two of us. I've noticed her few weeks ago fucking herself and ever since, I've wanted her to fuck my ass. How do I tell her?

| Have sex and have fun.

| Tell her that you need an exorcism.

| You mom is lonely right now. Might be easier.

| >>753796 yea she is but not sure she would be into it, fucking her own son. I'm nervous

| >>753800
What's her personality like?

| >>753803 kind? Not sure how to describe her

| Why pegging?

| hope it works OP


| Oh boy another incest thread

| >>753760 idk if you really wanna do it but you
could tease her a bit. Let her know you heard her masturbating but that you're not disturbs by it. Maybe joke about how she can buy some sex toys for it if she wants

Good luck and don't get yourself kicked out the house OP

| >>753938 they're getting surprisingly common, aren't they?

| >>754003 it's the people in lock down living with their family I tell you

| OP here, just lost my ass virginity.

| >>754386 REAL SHIT?!

| Did this woman have like a strap on just waiting to smash some bussy or what?

| OP bought a dildo. Source: an mom

| Where's that thread where OP fucked her mom?

| We finally have a sequel.

| First was too good we needed another one

| I actually want you to succeed OP

| >>754531

I want to fuck my mom
I want my mom to fuck me

| >>754003 >>753938 Alarmingly so.

| OP here, we did it! I told about noticing her but that I was "cool with it", we joked about it then and then I brought up pegging, sort of joking but not really. She caught on
>honey, I could show your ass some nice time
>then let's do it
She had this confused look, sort of scared. I reassured her, how much I love her and how scared I was to even bring it up
>you are the only one I can trust. Only one that wouldn't make fun out of me
We than had strong long hug.

| >>754684 I already had strap on and lube brought few days ago but unopened, in case nothing comes of it, so I could return it. But last night, she fucked my ass. I have never felt so good in my life, both physically and emotionally. I came twice that night from pegging. I also tried giving her a blowjob but didn't really like it, so we stopped soon. After we were done and cleaned up, we slept that night together in same bed. It felt really nice, being so close with mom.

| >>754756 next morning, we both felt horny and I hopped on her cowgirl (cowboy?) style. I came once and then we made lunch together. As we were preparing lunch, we talked more about our feelings and our new relationship. We will be more honest with each other, even sexually. She felt strange, doing this with her son but also incredibly happy. We got very close, especially emotionally. This has grown so quickly into so much more than just pegging. I love you Mom! <3

| And everyone in the bus clapped

| Honestly need to become a hentai artist and just take plot ideas from here

| Wait... What?

| https://i.ibb.co/5h1JT81/d-wtf.png

| >>754761 Yea lmao


| If true, congrats OP! If not I really don't care it's a stranger on the internet who gives a shit?

| OP is giving me stupid ideas.

I want a woman in her 40s to peg me while I call her mommy

| >>755026 OK wow, not even we did that last part

| But for real, >>754757 fake or not?

| >>755027 Well you could

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