How was your first time, /u/?

| Did y'all felt awkward, happy, confused, etc?

| It was in the back of his jeep on prom night. We were awkward and sweaty and I still have the spot on my lower back from the rugburn, but it was wonderful in it's way.

| It's tbd

| I love sex.

| Haven't had one yet, got oral, but he said he just didn't feel like going to third base, and being the lady I am, I told him it was ok, and we resumed the movie but I put his hands in my tits...
One day tho...
One day...

| >>753846 i'm sorry for ot, but you, americans, really using "bases"? xd i saw it in movies but i thought that it's joke xd

| I never understood bases. What is that, Pokémon evolutions?

| Implying
One day Ill press that damn trigger

| >>753861
No idea if the kids are still using it now, but I can confirm it was 100% real.
We really liked baseball for a long time.

| I really liked this Christian girl back jn hs and we dated a few times holding h*nds and kissing etc. Her parents were also really strict about the whole no intercourse before marriage thing.

I ofcourse was a horny teen and all the kissing made my my hormones spike through the roof to times where I couldn't because my bonor was throbbing me awake.

At last I took matters into my own hands and went to hooker and had a shit time losing teenage erection half way through the ordeal.

| My first time was online, I sent her my dick pic and she sent me hers. Had a good time :)

| >>754082
That's the most wholesome shit I've seen here. I like you.


| After watching some Kung Fu Pamda sequel I have noticed that my dick is hard. I was 11 at the time. I rushed to the bathroom and it was dripping. I didn't know what to do, but I began to rub it. A while later, I began to pull out the foreskin and I was scared because I've never seen it go like this. Then I've looked up info on the internet and since then I fap everyday once or twice.

| My first time watching porn was when I was 10y.o my friends tried to convince me to show my family funny videos on a site called "Bravotube"

I ofc first checked those "funny videos" and saw a brunette getting fucked on a boat. Also some Asian couple going at it doggy style outside.

Very funny indeed

| >>754082 wait she sent her dickpic?

| >>754173
You heard the g/u/rl. He sent his and she sent hers, and I've got mad respect for that.

| Slow. 3 hours of foreplay. It was nice

| >>755148

| >>755148 Nice

| Pretty fucking good. We were both pretty horny and her gift to me for Xmas was our first time. Pussy is warm.

| horrible, i had sex on two couch cushions because we didnt have a bed and my friend fucked his girl literally like 3 feet away from me in the dark

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