| Please do not lewd, this area is reserved to headpats ONLY.

| I'll obey.

| >>753258 do you want some headpats OP?

| >>753258 ok... I will /d/o nothing, but submit :p

| Headpats is pretty lewd i gotta say

| >>753286 i love lewd headpats

| >>753288 i bet you like handh*lding too, you sicko

| >>753289... Actually i don't like handholding... I LOVE IT

| Woops, accidentally messed up the red text ;~;

| >>753258 but you can punish me if are you thinking that am i lewd~

| >hea/d/pats for all!

| >>753262 yes!

| Is doing hadpats with my dick lewd?

| >>753387 get the fuck out...

| >>753258 No.

Ahn~ Yeah, pat my head harder!
Mmmm~ Pat me like you love me!
Oooohhhh yess!!!!

| >>753289
*Interlaces fingers*

| >>754078 STOP i'm going to call a maid!

| >>754120 jokes on you i'm gonna hold their hand

| >>754171 NOOOO you can't do that!! It's lewd!!!!

| >>754266 c-can you... Hold my hands? Or maybe tie them if you don't want to~ <3

| >>754272
You can't just tie the hands and nothing else; hands are just the starting point!

| >>754272 y-you degenerate! What Δ·ind of low life do you think i am!?

| >>754306 yes <3
>>754363 idk what is low life, but my mind is kinky xd

| I love headpats.

| Gurls,is kinky lewd? Are we allowed to kinkypost in the lewd-free zone?

| >>754396 i wouldn't mind if would you spoiling me again thread rules~

| >>754396 no..

| >>754502
Don't kink-shame my rule-breaking!
Gotta tie your hands together behind you, so you can get multiple headpats at once~

| Yes, please <3

| >>754536 no..

| Wait so we've now established that we can be kinky in the lewd free zone?

| >>754960 >>754960 NO

| >>755047 can you tie me and play with me? ^^

| >>755047 so assertive... Please keep bossing me around dommy mommy. (////)

| Me too~

| >>755077
Gonna tie you up so you can get all the heatpats until you ahegao

| You ruined this thread.


| I.. i never ahegao before :o

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