Classic/Legendary Threads

| Which /d/ threads were the most memorable for you? Personally I'm still waiting to hear the continuation of that lesbian choking story...

| Cum ice cream

| Dick for /d/

| I know that it isn't thread but...
1: that g/u/rl what "i love sex"
2: that g/u/rl what wanted being humilated so badly and in reality it was cute brat what wasn't listen my instructions for healthy life style
3: stab-chan
4: my threads where do i admire about that i want bondage and hugs

| >>751500 *stab you*

| >>751500 do you want more hugs sweetie?

| The g/u/rl who hired a prostitute to be Jill

| there used to be dicks threads that just had pages and pages of webms of dicks. I miss those

| >>751608 Holy shit I remember that one, the reminder made me laugh


| Alright, I miss the dick threads. Another legendary thread is the one where OP found a dommy mommy goth g/u/rl and they had steamy sessions over the phone. OP, of you are still here, please finish the story. /d/ needs to know. The one where OP made cummies ice cream for her sister is a classic. Shout out of course to the original Starship Perihelion threads. I guess the femboy threads were also pretty big. Too many to mention!

| The bondage one! I don't remember the name but it ended on a cliffhanger and she was never seen again!
I hope she's okay :(
Oh! And I really like the thread where I got lots of hugs! It made me feel a lot better :3

| >>751839 im happy for you uwu

*hugs you*

| >>751862
I'm happy too!

*hugs you more*

| >>751868 you are so cute>.<
*hugs you tighter*

| Where is my bondage?:c

| >>751902
You're the cutie (≧◡≦)
*hugs you the tightest*

| >>751908 you are such a cute little softie

*hugs you a lot*

| >>751914
I'm not a softie!!! ヽ(`⌒´メ)ノ
Only when I get hugs (*≧ω≦*)

*hugs you the mostest*

| >>751918 >>751914 *stabs you*

| >>751919 stab me harder~

| >>751918 then you'll get lots of hugs~

*hugs you forever*

| >>751919
That's mean :(

Yay! Thank you! I love you :3

*hugs you foreverest*

| >>751974 i really like you! :3

*hugs you and gives you some headpats*

| >>752005

*curls up into little ball while hugging you*

| >>752009 you are such a cute g/u/rl that i gladly would fill this thread with hugs~

*hugs you while i surround a cute little hugging ball*

| >>752023
You're the cutest! Ever!

*becomes the best little hugball in the world*

| >>752031 no, you are the cutest~

*i give you the bestest hug i can give someone*

| >>752041
Nuh uh! You're the cuteiest cutie!

*I give you the bestest hug ever in the whole world*

| How did nobody mention op fucking his mom yet

| >>752060 why would i be a cutie?

*hugs you a lot*

| >>752066
Because you're super sweet and you hug me a bunch :3

*hugs you even more than mostest*

| >>752073 you are the most cute g/u/rl i know!!

*hugs you warmly*

| >>752123
Nah ah! Bot cuter than you!

*hugs you warmlyest*

| >>752127 nono, you are cuter than me>.<

What is your favorite hug?

| >>752062 true. A timeless tale indeed.

| >>752133
Nuh uh uh!!! You are (つ≧▽≦)つ

My favourite is the ones that are very close and tight and stuff and super warm and wholesome and full off love!!!

| >>752196 now i want tu hug you even more uwu

*gives you a very warm, comfy, tight, and wholesome hug*

| >>752243

*gives you warmest, comfiest, tightest, and wholesomest hug*

| >>752269 you make me want to hug you, but as irl hug.

*hugs you a lot*

| op here. i looked away for like 2 days what the fuck happened

| >>752361 mainly hugs, do you want some?

| >>752339
I want to hug you irl too!!!

*hugs you through screen :3*

| >>752422 u////u

*gives you a wholesome hug through the screen*

| ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡

*gives you the biggest wholesomest hug through screen*

| >>752458 *gives you a tight, warm hug through the screen*

| >>752467
*gives you tightest, warmest hug ever through screen*

| My friend just told me about this site after I started playing va11halla. Is this like a site seeing travel brochure for threads I should attempt to dig up?

| >>752502 it's a completely anonymous text board in which people just talk about a lot of things (depends on the board theme, doujin is nsfw, for example)

| WHAT in GODS NAME is going on in this thread? extramarital hugging? >>99eb73 and>>21efad I am going to need you to report to the courthouse...

| >>752516 he/she proposed the idea.
Though im not complaining~

| Get a thread, you two

| >>752516
No! I just wanted hugs (。•́︿•̀。)

| >>752540 want more hugs? UwU

| >>752552

| >>752567 uwu *hugs you*

| >>752580
*hugs you 5 times!!!*

| >>752591 *hugs you... 6 times :D*

| op here again. i give up on this thread, it has been overrun by hugs

| That's it. I'm placing you two under arrest, and I'll have you two married in 24 hours, or my name isn't Dick Mullen!

| >>752607
*hugs you 7 times!!!*

| >>752646
No! I just want hug 。゚・ (>﹏<) ・゚。

| >>752708 *hugs you 9 times!!!*

| >>752646 ;~;

| >>752821
*hugs you 20000 times!!!*

| >>752832 *hugs you 40000 times!!!!!*

| shit, they're way too strong for me. I need to call the station for backup.

| >>752845
*hugs you million times forever!!!!!*

| >>752869 *hugs you forever!!!!*

| >>752888
*hugs you infinity forever!!!!!*

| >>752930 i love you>.<

*hugs you comfortably*

| >>752939
I love you too \(≧▽≦)/

*hugs you comfily*


| can you g/u/rls exchange contacts or something and hug in dms already

| >>752965 im too shy to ask first.

| >>752942 *hugs you warmly*

| I feel jealous :c

| >>752981
You can ask me anything you want in the whole world (≧◡≦) ♡

*hugs you warmlyest and snuggliest*

| >>753008 do you also want hugs?

| >>753050 *hugs you a lot*
I wouldn't know what to ask, there are so many things ;~;

| >>753151
Ask all the things!!!
*hugs you one biggest hug and then a bunch of hugs*

| >>753170 do you want dm hugs or are you ok with doujin hugs?

*headpats and then hugs you a lot of times*

| >>753179
I like all the hugs!

*cuddles into little hugball again and hugs you*

| >>753149 yus :c

| >>753187 but which hugs do you like more?

*hugs you a lot and then i give you wholesome headpats*

| >>753195 then you'll also get some hugs!

*hugs you*

| >>753196
I want all of them ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆

*snuggles and hugs super much and tries to headpat you back*

I give you too (つ≧▽≦)つ

*hugs you super much*

| >>753208 can we move the hugs to dm? That way we leave doujin and their lewd things alone uwu

*hugs you a bunch and headoats you very very softly*

| >>753209
Of course! Let's do endless hugs!!!

*hugs you super muchest and cuddles you softly*

| >>753219 :D (how do we move it to dms? This app doesn't have that feature)

*gives you a mega hug*

| >>753223
(You can send username on something else!)

*gives you super mega hug*

| >>753224 ik, but in which app+

*gives you a ultra mega super hug*

| >>753248
The one you want you silly!

*gives you super mega ultra giant biggest hug*

| >>753249 what about discord?>.<

*gives you a ultra mega super duper giant hug*

| >>753208 and would you tell ne also some nice words? :c

| >>753253
Discord works goodie!!!

*gives you ultra super duper mega giant infinity hug"

| >>753272 send your username and tag and i'll give you some hugs there!

*curls up into a hugball*

| >>753263 i can say some nice words to you, sweetie uwu

*headpats you*

| >>753281 i don't know you, but i like you xd

| >>753284 oh, why? Correct me if I'm grong, but (from my experience) i think very very few English speaking people use xd, and Spanish speaking people is more prone to use it

| >>753285 idk, you are so nice and cute xd i'm from czech republic, it's small county in central europe, but i'm using it probably averagely more than others people i think xd

| I'm pretty English speaking people use xd ironically at this point

| >>753293 i see xd

| >>753298 maybe

| >>753293 *hugs you*

| Every single one of you g/u/rls is gonna get a big hug from me~

| >>753278
Is not my big user but little user first okay?

*gives you the forever hug!!!*

| >>753301 *hugs* ^^

| Even I don't know if the forever hug is legal o.o;

| >>753298
>I'm pretty
You're pretty

| >>753362 i've just sent you a friend request g/u/rl

| >>753499
Are you the wholesome hugger though?

*gives you suspicious hug*

| >>753511 yes, I am the wholesome hugger!

*hugs you warmly*

| >>753515
Yay! I won't be the suspicious hugger anymore :3

*hugs you lovingly*

| >>753529 i-i didn't expect that kind of hug...

*hugs you in a very cute way*

| >>753532
The surprising hug (つ≧▽≦)つ

*hugs you in DMs :3*

| >>753636 *answers hugs in DMs and then hugs you a lot!!!*

| Wtf.

| I love sex.

| My favorite thread was the one with the trap with the white bandana, she was soooo cute omg

| >>751749 wait this place used to have images or are you talking about a different board?

| >>754699

| >>754968 danger/u/pass owner can upload image file

| >>754968
You can do it with danger/u/pass. If you don't have that you need to send Imgur links, which is what all the poor pp wielders did.

| >>755000 >>754995 okeyyy so where do i buy it? Want to support this cozy place :)

| >>755001
Should be able to just find the danger/u/pass button in the settings. Click it, buy it, done.

| >>755008 i do not see it in the settings on the danger la/u/ncher am i looking in the wrong place? it hadnt been updated in 2 years lol
Using the wrong app? There is no settings menu on desktop :S

| >>755010
Have you made sure that the app is up to date, that you're connected to WiFi and that /u/ has access to all the things it needs in your phone settings?
I feel kinda bad now. Danger/u/pass is just an inside joke on the board. It doesn't exist.

| Only danger/u/pass owner can see my custom burg

| What have you done to my thread ;~;

| https://twitter.com/_dangeru/status/980232955992952833?s=19

| >>755045

/ o` `o \
( == ^ == )
) (
( )
( ( ) ( ) )

| >>754978 https://dangeru.us/d/thread/288002
Here it is, I know she's posted more since then, she apparently started hormones and is now way hotter imo but I can't for the life of me find the new thread, rip. I wonder if she's still around here

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