I need help with practice!

| I like taking cute pictures of myself, but sometimes I tried out cute poses or I practice cute poses and then I get all flustered and I can't do it :(

How do I practice better? I get shy even when I'm doing it alone! It's silly but I don't know how to turn off the shyness! Help me!

| Get comfortable with a pose you like, then move into others that look similar that you like i guess?

| >>750454
Mhh. I'll try! But my poses all being so similar feels a little boring. I want to try new stuff but I get shy even before I try taking the picture!

| >>750461 or try the most cute ones you can think of, that way you'll feel less flustered with other poses?

| >>750464
Hmmmm. Oki! Next time I'm by a mirror and want to practice, I'll try that!

| >>750468 Also what is the main thing making you shy? The poses themselves or is it seeing your face while doing them? Maybe itd help you to lower the camera or block out your face at first to disassociate with it and ease into it?

| >>750479
I don't think it's just my face. It's just so weird to me! I used to be really shy and never showing my cute side and being all super serious all the time. But I got tired of pretending like I was some super serious person who didn't like acting cute! So I started being myself and stuff! But it's a little hard to get used to it because I'm used to not acting on my cuteness and not showing myself like that. Even when it's in private!

| >>750483 embrace it? As is do what you like, let it come out naturally and you'll gradually will be more comfortable with it

| >>750483 Ohhh I see. I kind of get you there in that I still dont really show a cute side unless I'm with my gf. I'm a tomboy so I kind of put up a cold, tough front. Not that I'm aggressive but I do take things seriously. Theres nothing wrong with wanting to break out of the shyness and be cute though, and best of luck <3

| >>750567
Yeah! I was like that too, but I only showed myself to my closest friend. But, I don't like being all cold and stuff. I don't like that it would be a surprise for most people if I was cuddling a plushie while talking to them, or doing little twirls, or doing cute poses for pictures. Because I do that on my own and with my best friend because it makes me happy, and I want to be more happy!

Yeah! I'm not forcing it. I just start blushing and get shy when I do it.

| >>750593 Awww I'm very glad to hear~!! Do what makes you happy and try not to sweat the rest, you'll get to where you want to be and it's a nice goal to have! Sometimes we shut ourselves in and have to be cold but it doesn't have to last forever. Maybe it helped in the past but you aren't the you that you were then. So be the best you that you want to be <3

| >>750596
Yeah! I did it in the past because I wasn't very good with social stuff. I wasn't very good, so putting up a bit of a mask and stuff made it easier. But I wanted to be myself, but I got scared that people would like me less if I was all out myself, but, that's dumb! So I'm going to be myself! Forever! And I'm gonna stop being scared!
But, even though it's less scary now and I have friends who like who I really am, it's still embarrassing...
But I'm gonna get over it!

| >>750600 Aww I completely understand! It's great to have that support from your friends too! And yes it may be embarrassing at first since you're breaking out of your comfort zone a bit but that's a good thing! I'm also trying to break out of my comfort zone more. For instance, my cousin invited me to a pool party he's hosting this Summer and he wants me to say hi to everyone instead of keeping to myself. I dont often swim either so I wanna try wearing a bikini for once

| >>750600 Its a scary and embarrassing thought but I'm going to try

| >>750602 >>750603
Do it! Do it!
Even if it's a little awkward and embarrassing, it's super worth it! That's super quick and good way for progress!

| >>750615 Thank you so much!! I'll try my best to not back out of it even if I feel bad about my body sometimes <3

| >>750623
Yeah! Don't back out please! You need to do your best!

| >>750636 I'll try to tough it out thank you>//< <3

| >>750662
Good luck! I wish you all the bestest!

| >>750672 Thank you so much!!! <3

| >>750673
Of course :3

| >>750602 Make sure the D doesn't show if you wear a bikini.

| >>751072 I mean itd be kind of hard to have it show when I'm female and dont have one but thanks for the concern XD

My issue is just general body issues because I dont like myself and that I dont do this kind of thing usually.

| >>751099
That's why you need to do it!
I didn't like my body either, but then I started wearing stuff that was out of my comfort zone and stuff and then I started getting more confident!

| >>751102 Thank you! Yeah I've been needing to get out of my comfort zone for far too long now. So I'm going to do my best! And I'm proud of you <3

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