Lingerie and swimsuits!

| I was browsing for clothes and I looked through the lingerie section and the swimsuit section and it was so lewd!!!

I think I'm a little bit blushy. Holy crap. Usually I'm okay looking at that but this time it felt super lewd! I think I'm sweating a little.

| Yesss...look at them more.....you'll love it.... Embrace the dark side....

| >>750373
No no no! I can't! I have to go out today! I don't want to go outside all blushy.

| >>750377
But how blushy would you be if you were the one wearing the swimsuits?
You could even wear it under your normal clothes~

| >>750728
I would be super blushy...
Like super super blushy! That's so lewd!
I think I would like it though...
But that's naughty! I shouldn't be thinking of such lewd clothes.

| >>750761
That just means you are doing it right!

| >>750971
What am I doing right?

| >>750761 If you like it, it can't be that bad to think about~

| >>750989
It's not bad! It's just embarrassing!
I never wear stuff like that! It's so lewd. It's so, so lewd!

| i like one piece swimsuits best

| >>750991
You never know until you try~

| >>751046
Some of those are wholesome! But some are all revealing and lewd.

Yes I do! I can see the lewdness with my own two eyes!

| >>751230
What's wrong with wearing something lewd?

| I bet you saw the swimsuits, and you envisioned yourself wearing them on the beach, leaving most of your skin exposed to the lustful eyes of all the guys, and that image made you sweat.

| >>751508
Is nothing wrong! Is just embarrassing!


| >>751534 I feel called out by this post.

| I want a nice pair of lingerie

| >>750761 what about those swimsuits that have... Holes in them for lewd stuff?

| >>751906
No!!! No no no no no no no!!!!!
Never ever ever!!! Nah ah!!!
That's the lewdest thing! That's so naughty! THAT'S THE NAUGHTIEST!!!!!
No way. Ever.

| >>751910 nobody needs to know that you're wearing one~

Just imagine going out with such a lewd outfit and no one knowing!

| >>751913
That's so... raunchy...
That's so indecent!!!
Even if they don't know, I'm still being all lewd in public, and, and, that's naughty! And, and, indecent! And, lewd...

| >>751920 and you should do it.

| >>751922
I don't think that's good idea...
What if someone finds out? That would be super bad! It would be no more social life!

| >>751978 I wouldn't do that... If you know what i mean~

| >>752004
I don't think I know...

| >>752015 im saying that if i know a g/u/rl that goes out wearing lewd swimsuits in secret, i wouldn't end her social life, and perhaps i would do something more interesting with that information~

| >>752022
That sounds very ominous! I don't want ominousness either!

| >>752032 im saying that *maybe* i would do lewd stuff with you, if i know that you are wearing such a lewd swimsuit.

But most of it probably will never happen u.u

| >>752038
But what if I don't want to do lewd stuff with you???
I don't want to do it if it's going to make people do lewd stuff to me!!! Just wearing it is already too lewd!!!!!

| >>752072 then we won't do lewd stuff, but you'll know that someone knows your lewd secret

| >>752079
Why does that sound even lewder???
You're just making this even more embarrassing!!! Don't do that!!! It's too much lewd...

| >>752089 and being lewd is bad? The idea of someone knowing that you are wearing a lewd swimsuit makes you embarrassed?

| >>752124
It's embarrassing, yeah...

| >>752195
Why does it make you embarrassed?

| >>752248
Because it's lewd! It's all sexual and stuff and what if people think I'm lewd or have lewd thoughts about? How is that not embarrassing!!!

| >>752271
Being lewd isn't a bad thing.

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