Green Skin Fetish

| Am i alone here g/u/rls?

| It's all ogre now

| Big buff orc babes ftw

| Pls crush my skull with those orc thighs baby. Why? For the Horde of course!

| i wanna be spitroasted by orcs

| >>750411

| >>750372 Great fucking taste, I love you.


| >>750360 i love you

| i love you all you make me proud

| Consider: blue skin

| Blue skin is vastly superior.

| >>750557 Blue skin is good too but if they aren't a buff orc then what's the point?

| >>750564
>liking orcs
I seriously hope you don't do this.

| I see no love for goblin girls, and that's disappointing

| >>750729 I am truly deeply sorry for your wrong opinion

>>750767 Goblin girls can be great too!! They're cute but I wanna be a big buff orc babe

| >>750419

Rip it doesn't display for me, says "Cannot GET," but i'll take everyone's word for it that it was great, thanks anon.

| >>750883
Just think of the most famous Orc spitroasting drawing on the internet

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