what made you cum today?

| rebooting this genre of threads


| Thinking about my ex gf's ass, i love it :c

| I haven't done a cum today!

| haven't come yet, but i'm planning to involve mindbreak and an Au Ra from FFXIV in my plans.

Either that or raping the shit out of Plume from Arknights.

| 200748 last night

| I love sex.

| > *sexes you*

| I started crossdressing recently. So, the mirror

| U <3

| >>750552
Woah! That's kind of hot.

| >>750552 ohhh yesss friend! We are the selcest gods now!

| >>750552
Make sure to take pictures of yourself for later!
You can also use it as a measuring stick to show how much you've improved

| >>750730 I have been doing so.

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