| I feel really embarrassed. I didn't know my sister had a friend over! I didn't know I couldn't walk around in my underwear with a top and the little bow I took from the chocolate packaging! I thought that if someone saw me it would only be my family. But everyone saw me and it wasn't just family and, I don't know what to do. I'm hiding in my room.

| Leave the door a bit open, let someone condole you

| >>750073
What does that word mean?

| >>750079
Shut up or im gonna condole you

| >>750099
Oh no...
That sounds really bad...

| >>750100
Yeah I'll mess you up cutie

| >>750113

| >>750113
No! Don't do that!
I'm not ready...


| >>750130
The best thing to do is go back down there and act like nothing happened.
Yeah, you are wearing nothing but underwear with a bow, so what? You are a boss present that they don't get to open.
You got it, and you are flaunting it!

| >>750133
But, I made this thread hours ago! My sister's friend left super long ago! I just hid away in my room and out on clothes after a few hours just in case she was still there.

| Pic of the bow or i'll condole you too!

| >>750172
But, it's just a little cheap one from the chocolate pack! Are you sure you want to see?

| >>750177 yes!

| >>750183
Mhh. Fine!
But my hair was a little messy. I just woke up! So don't be a judgy okay?

| >>750186 nice hair and bow, my hair is a lot messier even when brushed ;~;

| >>75018
Super cute!

Then do that next time!

| >>750202
Aw. I like to have my hair a little messy, but not like what's in the picture.
Do you have curly hair? Do you use conditioner? Do you blow-dry or air-dry?

| >>750203
Thank you! But, mhhh. Isn't that a little rude if I do that? I don't think that's very proper.

| Maybe you were so stunning they have a crush on you now. Both.

| >>750227
They're way younger than me! That would be very bad!

| >>750223 my hair is weird, kinda flat at the top but then gets kinda curly and picks up a lot of volume in the process,i use hair conditioner, i dry it with a towel (as much as i can without overdoing it) then i let it dry (because usually its still a little wet after the towel)

| >>750223 i would share some pics but i don't know how to do it ;~;

| >>750456
Hmm. You should experiment a bit! Try going a bit harder with the towel maybe, and see if you like that. You could also try blow-drying after you've let it air-dry for little bit. I do that sometimes and it works really well!
If you don't like that it's flat on the top then you could also try back coming! I don't like it when my hair is very flat at the top, but blow-dry and back coming helps a lot with that!

You can put picture on Imgur and then send the link!

| >>750457 https://imgur.com/ZChqSK8

| >>750463 i got the post number bad u.u
I just brushed it, though it is one of those days in which is has little volume in comparison with other days

| >>750465
What are you complaining about?!
Your hair is adorable! It looks super cute!
And you're telling me it has even more volume on other days? Just without you doing anything to it?
That's super lucky! I'm jealous!

| >>750472 i've learnt to love it, and thanks uwu, i hope that someday you'll get the hair you like/want

| Also, may I request more hair photos with the bow? I loved it u.u

| >>750473
I'm glad! You have a lot to love in it!
And, thank you! I am honestly pretty happy with my hair, but I definitely need to put some work in for it to look nice. It doesn't do it 100% naturally. But, when it's nice it's super nice!

Of course! But not right now. It's 5am for me right now, so I have sleepy hair. But if I remember it the next time I've done my hair then I'll take more box pics!
I want to look good on Friday, so remind me on Friday if I don't remember!

| >>750477 sure, i'll remind you, sleepy hair is best hair though, and catch some sleep, unless you have a different schedule than most people, sleep well? Or have a good day~

| >>750484
I did go to sleep, and, uh, I don't really have unusual schedule. It's more like I have an almost normal day schedule and no sleep schedule. But, it's okay! I hope you have a good day too, and I'll do my best to remember on Friday!

| >>750588 i have the same problem with my sleep schedule, thanks uwu

| >>750624
We can fix it together!

| >>750635 sounds like a good idea, but how we will fix it?

| >>750637
Hmm. If we stay away from caffeine and other stuff that helps with staying awake, and then when it gets to evening, if we're not feeling that tired, we go for a long walk or a run or something. That way we'll get all tired and stuff!

| >>750650 i'll try it, but i love coffee :c
maybe I'll do something to get tired at the night, after classes, a little bit of exercise is always good

| >>750650 i would love to go out and walk or do anything, but here there are 8k+ daily covid cases so it's kinda hard, yesterday i had a dream, i was at walmart and then i noticed that I didn't had a face mask on, then i woke up pretty sad because of it, ngl it was kinds funny to me

| >>750666
I really love coffee too...
Energy drinks as well...
But, we have to! If we want to fix the sleep we have to fight our urges!
And, yeah! Do the excersise!

Yeah, that's understandable. I live in the outskirts of my town sort of, so I can very easily get somewhere where there's no people, so, it's little easier for me.
But you can do excersise at home instead!

| >>750670 what is your favorite coffee? It will be hard, i really love coffee and i got a special one just for me this month uwu

Living in the outskirts is pretty nice~

| >>750676
Hmm. That's a very hard question.
I drink a lot of cappuccino because I have a machine that makes them. But, I definitely wouldn't call it my favourite.
It depends a lot on my mood to be honest. Sometimes I really like plain dark roast coffee, especially together with some toasted bread with creme cheese and little tomatoes.
But, sometimes I might go completely opposite and have some light, sugary and creamy Starbucks-like stuff that's barely even a coffee anymore.

| >>750676
So, I guess my answer is that I don't really have a favourite type because I drink different types depending on my mood and sometimes also what I'm eating.

Yeah! Living in outskirts is nice when you want to be able to go outside without tons of people, and it's also nice for avoiding gang violence and stuff like that since that usually happens around the middle of town.

| >>750681 agreed, i live near the center of my city and sometimes it's pretty bad, though sadly it's slowly declining and going into more and more stuff like drugs, theft and all that

| >>750703
Yeah, that's no fun. I'm sorry :(

| Here are the hair with bow pictures!
I'm sorry if they're little bit messy. I had to do weird angles and stuff to not show my face. And my hands are a little bit dry and stuff right now! I haven't been taking super good care of them. I hope that's okay.

| >>750762 don't worry about it uwu

| >>750782 it looks pretty nice, don't worry about angles and stuff it's ok, and take care of your hands

You seem pretty similar to someone i know that lives in the outskirts of a city and also has a sister, but that would be way to crazy to be possible

Anyways, have a good day :D

| >>750806
Thank you! I'll try taking better care of my hands.

Maybe it's not too crazy?
What country is the person you're thinking off from?

| >>750819 Chile

(any tips for taking care of my hands?)

| >>750847
Oki. It's different then. Sorry!

(Hand cream I think? I'm not very good at taking care of my hands so that's all I know...)

| >>750857 it would have been pretty fun honestly, until the next time bow-wearing g/u/rl!

| >>750880
Yeah! I was hoping it would be me that you were thinking of.
Until next time! I wish you the bestest!

| >>750897 may i ask why?
Ty, i wish you the bestest too!

| >>750902
It would have been fun if I made a thread about something embarrassing that happened and it led to me meeting a g/u/rl in real life!

| >>750903 seeing it that way yes, it would have been pretty fun!

| >>750913

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