| >get horny
>start reading doujins (I don't watch real porn because it's gross)
>get turned off by how slutty the girls are acting
>even when I'm reading vanilla stuff I get turned off by how submissive the girls are acting
can't enjoy shit anymore

| So... you're a bottom?

| I love sex.

| I love >>094cd4

| I had the same problem. Too many doujins have the girls say "no, don't do this," but then the guy does it anyways, and then she gives in because "her pussy is honest even if she isn't" or whatever the fuck. So I started reading pretty much only femdom, oneshota or niche fetish stuff, because they're all surprisingly less rapey than vanilla doujins

| also /d/

| Doujins don't do much for me since it feels weird trying to conflate storytelling and porn.
That said, I can only get off to really niche fetish stuff, so maybe my brain's just broken.

| >>750034
So..you want doujins with girls who are dominant virgins?

| so you want femdom

| Doujins are getting worse and worse each year

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