I want get hugs and give hugs and be hugged

| Not for any sexual reasons! But I'm telling you /d/irty people about it because you like to give physical contact :3

| Come here sweetie *hugs you*

| >>750007
(//ω//) *hugs back*

| *bug hugs*

| >>750023
*bugger hug* :3

| Studies suggest that an affectionate hug may have benefitial effects to the health, so come here, you beautiful creatures *hugs all of you*

| >>750264
Yay! I'm your beautiful creature :3
*super big hug!!!*

| >>750008
Are you better now sweetie?
Or do you still want more hugs?

| >>750455
I'm feeling little bit better, but I would still like more hugs if that's okay...

| >>750462 sure, whenever you want~

*hugs you softly*

| >>750467
*hugs back even softer*

| >>750469 loved that reaction~
Take this uwu

[free hug ticket]
Use it wisely out there

| >>750470
Yay! Thank yoouuu!!!
I'm gonna use it at the best moment!

| >>750471 i hope that you enjoy it, if some day you want more hugs you know what to do uwu

| >>750475
Mhm! I'll remember forever!
Thank you <3

| >>750478 no problem uwu
*hugs you*

| what a slut

| >>750485
*hugs you a bunch*

| >>750590 *hugs you a lot*
Why do you love hugs so much?

| >>750667
*hugs you even bigger bunch*
Sometimes I just feel a little sad, and it feels like people don't like me very much. It also feels like people want me to be all rough and tough, but that hurts because I'm really a little softie.
But when I get hugs it makes all those things go away! It makes me feel like people do like me and are willing to let me be emotional, and that makes me super happy!

Sorry if that was a lot...
*hugs you tighter*

| >>750671 i see, little softie people are the best for hugs, so you can have all the hugs from me that you want uwu

*hugs you back*

| >>750055
*buggest hugs*
>what now, qt?

| >>750701
Thank you (≧◡≦)

*hugs you little softer*

*buggestest hug*
Hehe :3

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