Mating like wild animals for 30 days

| And the girl doesn't get pregnant. HOW THE FUCK
Doujin artists should take special education

| Sauce, so i can confirm this

| sterile people exist. and maybe the fallopians are tied, except maybe if it's a loli.
yeah it's kinda dangerous for a loli to get pregnant, even tho i'd respect that fetish...

| They probably have problems with reproduction. Woman eggs are dead AF or dude has low sperm count and shooting mostly sticky blanks. Or woman is just on the pill but then again we are talking real life, this is gentai so nothing is supposed to make sense.

| >>749888 Yes officer this post right here.

| I love sex.

| >>749888 crypto pedo

| >>749945 >>749994
i <3 preggo lolis ;)

| Because pregnancy is a garbage tier fetish?

| >>750011
That's a funny way to spell amazing fetish

| >>750024 especially when combine with loli

| >>750024 just date fat gurls if you lile pregnancy so much

| *like

| >>750061
Nah, I'm not into yuri. Dad bods, tho

| >>750061 it's not the same. I'm fond of the idea of having seeded someone and then raising the kid with her. What is it called?

| >>750138 taking responsibility?

| >>750163 Yes!

| My dick's called Responsibility

| I want to take Responsibility

| >>750228 you are under arrest for stealing someone's dick

| >>750253 but I'm the policewoman here!

| >>750324 congratulations you now have a co-worker

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