I'm really confused about trans people.

| Mostly only by those on twitter and other social media that act like retards and seem to be craving for attention. I have a friend who's now a girl and she's also confused by it. Let me get my question.

So people who wanna change their gender are trans. But why do they identify themselves as trans instead of female or male?

| Is it to make it clear that they weren't a man/woman when they were born? If so then why do they see an issue with non-trans people not wanting to date them? That's mostly the thing on tinder-like apps where a lot of trans people get rejected and it also occurs in normal relationships too once the trans person says that they are indeed trans.

| So why do they wanna identify themselves as trans and not as a man or a female? I really thought they want to drop their past self and focus on the way they're currently are.

| Well, it's a particular shared experience people have had, and it's not easy, so there being a trans community is helpful for support and stuff. It's also hard to instantly transition perfectly so people are usually going to notice for a while anyway, maybe forever depending how important passing as cis is to that person and how lucky they are

For the dating thing, better to get it out of the way than to risk rejection or violence later if the wrong kind of person finds out


| Also, it's not always about totally transitioning to the opposite gender, for many people avoiding dysphoria (which could be caused by anything, including small things) or being somewhere in between is how they want to present. Still not the gender they were assigned at birth, but also not the other binary gender


| I felt like that at first, and for a long while. I'm definitely one to prefer leaving stealth (Aka: not revealing that you're trans) because I don't like the attention. But, there's mostly 3 reasons :
What we need is visibility. That helps normalize it and slowly work towards having a better health care to pay for the treatments, make the prejudices disappear and let people know about us so that we are also considered when some decisions are taken.

| The second reason is community. It allows us to share our experiences, know that we are not alone, help each other and protect ourselves as, let me tell you, I've had a bumpy childhood but I've never been so scared and lost that when I decided to finally transition. It's a dark scary path and knowing people going through the same thing can help tremendously.

| The third reason is that while some people will bother you just because they see trans in your bio, putting it upfront makes sure that the people who actually wanna chat with you are friendly. Same for dating, no one wanna end up like that one girl who sadly passed away after her date realized she was trans :/

I think there are some very valid reasons, and while I prefer staying out of the light, it takes courage to come out online and is beneficial to the rest of the community.

| disgusting

| You will never be a woman

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| >>749318 I don't think it's beneficial. A lot of trans people are trying to be political and as such are recognised by traditianolists as a threat to their societies.

| https://memestatic.fjcdn.com/pictures/Tranny_c474bb_6763068.png

| 'Kay clearly I shouldn't have replied there. Glad there's always a place on the internet to have an actual conversation.

| Oh no, people don't like muh trannyism BS, t-t-t-transphoob alarm!!

| >>749308
Twitter isn't really a reliable source of anything.

| >>60c180
I mean if you don't see how you're being a jerk, can't help you. You know when there's a subject you disagree with, you can do the smart choice to just not engage.

| >>749344
>just not engage
>when fag parades are now a national must
>when nowadays transphoobia is a capital sin that can get you exiled from society
>when now global bans and censorship is enforced by all techdaddy companies
maybe faggots can stop pushing their shit, tried that?

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