Don't come in this thread and verbally abuse me *w*

| *stab you*

| im gay, bisexual, black, jewish and proud

| dork


| ok

| Slut

| Fuck me

| >>749129 aren't you that cute brat g/u/rl what said that would do anything what i say and than did refuse live healthy life what i did ordered because it was too "nice"?:o

| Ohmygosh, someone stabbed You!

| >>7fbafb no, because I would never tell you that you could do anything to me; you would have to force yourself upon me and make me yours :3

| >>749266 I'm not forcing myself on anyone. I'm not looking to get stabbed tonight!

| >>749136 *stab you*
>>749141 *stab you*
>>749148 *stab you*
>>749181 *stab you*
>>749195 *stab you*
>>749225 *stab you*
>>749235 *stab you*
>>749242 *stab you*
>>749266 *stab your pizza*
>>749282 *stab you*

| Fuck me with a knife

| >>749330 *stab your internal organs*

| >>749326 why tf my id change?

| >>749266 i'm sub af to being honest.. it was reason why i was nice to that person.. honestly this brat sub what wanted being abused so badly was more dominant than me xd

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