Affection Erections

| What kind of semilewd stuff do you love not just erotically but makes your heart kind of thump at the idea.
I like the idea of being a domestic for a nice office lady, making a nice meal after a hard day of work.
On the more oblique lewd would be focusing entirely on partner's pleasures

| Well I'm not living with my gf yet but I sometimes have thoughts of just coming home from work and hugging her softly and feeling her warmth, planting little kisses on her neck etc~ Also helping her cook and everything. She wants to be a housewife and I'm okay with that if it's what makes her happy. Though I'm not sure if erection applies here since I'm also female lol. I do love the rhyme though <3

| Hugs and ropes "^^

| Big sister figure and/or muscles g/u/rl i suppose

| Head scritches, my one weakness. Oh, and resting their head on my lap! They are so adorable like that.


| Spooning during an afternoon nap

| >>748976 Aww that sounds adorable~ And thank you!!

| >>748971 You have amazing taste <3

| >>748971 hard yes

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