How many sex toys do you own?

| I just got my first sex toy yesterday, and I was wondering about how many toys do you g/u/rls own

| I own myself, does that count? More of a massive tool than a toy

| 2. A bullet vibrator and a buttplug

| I love sex.

| About 7 now I believe?

| About 10, if you don't count all the rope.

| >>748809 ohh god, i wish i own a perfect replica of my own~ i would spending all my day masturbating

| 2 buttplugs, one bunny tail one
1 dildo 6 inches
1 remote vibrator it's okay, got 5 patterns about and is a bit finnicky
1 lovense vibrator that was worth it, music synce adds so much, to vibe settings and the online controls

| two vibe settings being two vibrators in the toy so the remote can have a bunch of options

| 0 but i want one soon

| >>748935
You know they make moulding kits, right? You can copy yourself in that way for fun times

| 6 probably gonna get another one soon

| >>748977 AAAAAAAAAAAAAA where do i get one!

| Around 3 people?

| >>749025
The internet or your local sex shop.
Clone-a-willy and create-a-mate are the two major makers.

| >>749240 *wheeze*

| I only have cum pants

| >>749414 holy shit that's gross I'm so hard now

| 3 rn, two from BD and one from an Etsy seller

been wanting a vibrator tho

| Do you have dolls ?

| two (hands).

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