| Kisses to all the g/u/rls here!
How do you prefer to kiss and be kissed?
Lots of tongue, light and tender touches? Sloppy french makeouts?

| Only ever done it once. Ngl my brain went numb and I was out of it. As embarassing as it is to say, she ended up having to take the lead. I loved the way she started tender and slowly raised the intensity. It was pretty fun and that day was a 10/10.

| >>748327 i wish experience something like this xd

| >>fcae4b
Light and tender kisses with lots of mwahs.

| >Light and tender kisses with lots of n'wahs.

| >>748561

You n'wah!

This is the end for you swit!

Die fetcher!

| >>748561
Hell yeah

| smooch

| >>8a39c5 Same here, but with 2 ex-best friends

| >>749124
Oh, they finally figured out you're the chonsen on to save Morrowind huh?

| On my first kiss I vomited in guy's mouth. Since then I date girls.

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