I dont understand people who have "quickies"

| or like fuck in alleys or something. I suppose it's a compulsion. Personally I neeeeed to take my time and coax the best sensations out and for that a bedroom is key. Like if I masturbate I put literally 30 min to an hour into it because it feels good the whole way and the payoff is incredible. I just thought of this bc my friend apparently just got fucked in a janitor closet and is bragging and I'm like..."sounds comfy".


| Sluts are like that. Stay away from them.

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Mmm nah i like my friends, slutty though they may be. And not making any judgement calls it's just...idk...feels like a waste.

| Ok, have a good day.

| Some people get turned on by it. While taking a long time and shit maybe be what gives you the best sensation, some people get the best sensation out of doing it in places you're not supposed to.

When it comes to quickies, it's just a nice and quick relief, ain't it? If you don't have a lot of time or don't want to spend a lot of time, then why not, right?

I don't understand why that would be, like, a problem? Different people enjoy different things. Ain't nothing more to it.

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Not a problem to me how people get their rocks off. I'm trying to wrap my head around it. Are they always horny? Does it always feel great no matter what kind of work they put into it? Idk.

| That's why you jerk off and they have real sex.

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Fuck lmao i wish i had a comeback for this

guess a clean sti screening is as good

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That's true.

| >>740978 It definitely feels better, physically, to make it take longer, but I guess it's more interesting? to get dragged into a janitor closet. It fulfills a fantasy. Also, while it does feel better to draw it out, an orgasm's still an orgasm. Both feel really good.

As for if I'm always horny, my answer is an unabashed yes.

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Haha nice
I didnt even consider the roleplay aspect. Maybe I should try it at least once.

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Sex is sex homie. Of course it feels good. And when you're fulfilling a fetish of yours at the same time? That good shit.
For the other part, not necessarily. Some people who are into it might be constantly horny, but I'm into it and I ain't constantly horny. So, it depends on the person.

| The fastest sex I ever had with my man was more than 25 minutes.
He had restrained himself from masturbating since the last time we fucked (16/02, we fucked the 21st) and it was around midnight and a half (the time we usually go to bed post coitus)

Mostly jerked himself off so it would be fast and and I asked him to be because he had to wake up at 8am and also I was so fricking tired

Anyway, quick sex is better than sleepy boring sex

| I love sex.

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