Hey gurl I feel insecure about my body, but i don't know what to do about it

| I see some of my peers with very narrow waist. I regularly exercise and eat a reasonable amount but am no where near their size. What can I do?

| become thicc

| assume muscledyke aesthetics

| the thing you gotta realize is that chances are even if you were to be the same size, you'd still feel insecure about your body. a big part of the economy thrives on body insecurity.
so i'd recommend looking at and trying to learn to appreciate a lot of different body types (lewd/nsfw models are actually a good first stop for this if you're comfortable with that). it's gonna take a while but eventually this will most likely help combat that insecurity a lot.

| and if after all that you still feel like you won't be comfortable until you look a certain way, well then you can still cross that bridge then. point is it should be something you want for yourself rather than something you feel obligated to do bc of the way your peers look.
everyone likes different aesthetics and body types, and while you might still find you genuinely don't like how you look, maybe you'll end up appreciating it instead :)

| It feels better to like yourself than to dislike yourself. Disliking yourself too much can be poisonous. Maybe you can have a positive disliking of yourself that pushes you to self-betterment.

| Well, first off, why do you want to look like them? To fit in? Are you scared of being different? Do you think you're less appealing?

Then there's the fact that it might just be genetics. Some people can excersise like crazy and eat healthy and all of that and still don't see much of a difference in weight or body shape.
I'm like that but opposite. I'm unhealtily skinny, but even though I eat a lot and don't exercise much I just don't gain weight.
People's bodies work differently.

| Something I've learned is that there's always someone who's gonna like the way you look. While the stereotype for being attractive is "skinny, small waist, big curves", not everyone likes that. A lot of people prefer other body types.

I personally find that I'm more attracted to people who have a bit of meat on them, you feel? I also have a friend who gets hit on very, very often, who isn't skinny at all. As long as you're not dangerously overweight, then don't stress about it.

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