PSA: Don't eat ass(hole)

| It may look tasty, it may sound kinky, but it DEFINITELY ain't healthy.
Many diseases can be gotten via the feco-oral route (From their shit to your mouth).
Please horny responsibly.

| Alternatively, ensure sexual hygiene. No assplay should be done without fully cleaning the area, including an enema.

Stay safe g/u/rls!

| damn, thanks gurl. wouldn't want butt bacteria ._.

| First I would need an ass to eat


| Aren't there like sheets of rubber made specifically so you can eat ass/pussy? Basically condoms for eating out

If I'm gonna do that feels like I'd need some of those

| Nothing like getting blood poisoning from a rimjob.

| never saw the appeal of eating ass. the ass cheeks? go for it. ass crack? go wild. asshole? idk...

| >>741014
It's like eating pussy except ass


| Use condons :v

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