I like...

| touching my chest and pretending like it isn't flat. Even though I'm fondling essentially nothing it makes me feel a little better about being flat, but only for a moment.

| Accept yourself the way you are. The bigger the chest, the harder your life becomes as the clothes get tigter and your back might start having pain.

| Also big tiddies eventually sag....I'm not even thirty and my tiddies are already hitting the floor T.T please appreciate your body, whatever size it happens to be! Best of luck, g/u/rl!

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But, but, it's not even enough to be boobs at all! It's just, flat. Just super flat. I don't want super big ones, that doesn't sound fun, but at least a decent middle ground maybe?

| It's not the size that matters but the person they are attached to.

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That's really sweet, but I still wish I had them. Not even to appeal to others, but just because I want them. I just personally like how it looks and wish I had just something to, hold, I think. I hope that's not weird.

| Get knocked up and your boobs will grow.

| >>740677 pretty much this.
>>740652 if you want something to hold then get a g/u/rl who's got some of her own and hold onto her whenever you need~

| >>740677
No! Don't be silly. I'm not that desperate!

Hmm. That actually sounds pretty nice! But I would like a pp g/u/rl as well, and they usually don't have boobies. But I wouldn't mind a boobie g/u/rl with nice and bouncy boobies! I could hold them and pretend like they're mine >:3

| I prefer flat chests.

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But, but, super flat? I like little boobies too. I don't want super big or anything. But I just have, flat. There's nothing!

| >>740715

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No! It's not! Don't be mean.

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I think that each person should decide for themselves what it is that they prefer. Some girls rock a very nice aesthetic of an honest tomboyish character a bit rough around the edges. Some establish themselves in the business casual conservative girl genre, and others even prefer the Gothic Lolita style. I like all of these personal styles in varying degrees while I also like women that are not flat-chested.

| It is mostly a thing of personality for me anyways since I am a lonely person for which sexual attraction has lost most of its meaning, at least if not coupled with a fulfilling and enjoyable personality.

| TLDR......


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No no no! Don't get me wrong. I completely understand that people have different preferences and that flat isn't bad. I think some people look super good flat! But I personally prefer when it's not big but not super flat, and I like styles that fit that a little bit more.

There's nothing wrong with flat! I just wish that I wasn't because I like how it looks on me and I like having little bit to grab :3

| >>6f77cf if you want to have something to grab try and do something that is achievable, like exercise and have a big, nice ass? or thighs? but if you want something on your chest, keep in mind that is kinda hard, good luck fellow g/u/rl

| get yourself pueraria mirifica

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I do have a very nice ass! Not super big, but definitely not flat. It's nice to grab and stuff. Decent thighs too. But for some reason I just, I can't stop wanting to have something to hold onto on my chest as well. But, thank you!


| >>740825
Look it up.
Time for you to get a pueraria bedtime tea schedule.

| >>740876
I, know what it is. It's a fruit, right? But why do I need it?

| >>740825 May i ask why? also, have you tried stuff like grabbing them a lot? (where i live, some people believes if you play/grab them enough they'll grow, though i cannot confirm nor deny that statement)

| >>741072
I do that super much! But, no luck...

I don't really know. It's just, something I want. I think I find it comforting and I would like it if my tops and shirts stood out a little bit instead of, hangin flat :(

| >>741095 i see, honestly i would find that comforting too, given that no gf i had had boobs, but as i say, a flat chest allows a hug be near the heart~

good luck with that g/u/rl

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Yeah, yeah. That whole thing is cute and all, but if I have a little bit of boobie we can just squeeze even tighter :3

Thank you. I don't think there's much I can do since I'm done with puberty and I don't want implants or anything, but maybe one day. I want to have hope.

| p u e r a r i a

| >>741340 wish I could give you mine :/ Hope it somehow works out for you tho

| >>741367
Aw. I would appreciate that. Wish stuff like that worked.
Thank you! I hope it does.

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