I finally did it!

| I made a thread about this maybe a week or more ago, but, I got my shit together and I opened up to my therapist about my gender issues and, like, gender identity. And even though he's not very knowledgeable about that kinda stuff he tried his best and we had a good back and forth and stuff, and he told me that they recently got a therapist there that specialises in, like, gender therapy.

So, he's gonna try his best to get me some sessions with here and stuff. I'm just happy :3

| Yeah... just be sure they make you feel better instead of filling your head with neodogma...

| I think he nice guy

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I'm not retarded.

He really is! I'm really lucky to have a therapist that genuinely cares and puts in extra effort for me and stuff.

| Good stuff!!!

| >>740386
A therapist's job is to help a client better navigate every day life and build pathways out of regressive behaviours. I rrally wish you right wing losers that think evil socialist(?) professors and therapists and literally anyone seekig to help or educate is part of a grand conspiracy to promote..."neodogma", whatever that is.

There are real monsters to fight without yous all jumping at shadows.

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>suddenly i'm right wing
>suddenly i'm a loser
>suddenly bringing up evil socialist professors and a bunch of random shit
There's the neodogma.

| >>740459 nah that's just stereotypes

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Whatever... this is tiresome... just get better OP, kay?

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I prefer not getting involved with discussion in threads like these, so I won't, and I would prefer if nobody talks I'll of anyone else here no matter who's in the right or in the wrong.

Thank you though. I'll try my best to cope better and find positives in the negative stuff.

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yes, cope better. good luck

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That's the plan. Just, gotta figure out how. Thank you :)

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