Using cum for sauce cooking thread

| I make a cheese sauce for Spaghetti out of it

| Thank you for that mental image

| Cum doesmt have a great consistency for sauces. Baking works better, or as a glaze.

| Is this punishment from god?

| Yum

| >>740116 Yes. Or free protein. Whatever you want to believe, I guess?

| Welcum to the cum zone
Only cum inside spghetti cheese

| >>740106
Saucy how do you balance out the salt or are your cummies sweet?

I masturbate into all glasses all my roomies use but I clean them afterwards and feel like absolute shit but that's the whole point isn't?

| Is there a name for this sort of kink? Like cooking with cum

| I also remember this one vid where a jp porn actress asked fans to ship their cum in bottles. there was so much cum being ingested it sort of traumatised me. I have mixed feelings about eating that stuff.

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