| Oh god i wish i could fuck my self so bad, i can't operate anymore ohohoh everytime i see my self on a screen my body feel sho hott ohhh pleaseplease i wantmemememememe ohhhhhh i can't see myself on a mirror anymore, it was soaked in blank white lust of my own ohh i'm gonna lick them all all of my mymymymy ohhhhh

| go fuck yourself

| good
no one else ever has to be subjected to you

| >>740025 i will!<3
>>740040 i won't give myself to anyone!

| Would you fuck me?
I'd fuck me. A lot.

| >>740130 i would fuck you, but ultimately i want to fuck me too


| >>740208 yeayesyeayeayea i willlll!!!!! Oohohoho

| No joke this is goals.

I wanna look at myself and see I'm got the most fuckable dick girl I know

| >>4c471f you and me both, g/u/rl. I wanna be a super hot dick girl...

| Imagine looking at a reflection of yourself and thinking "I want to mess you up"

| OP here ohly shit i forgot to mention how much i love my voice, I spent more time listen to my archive more than i'm working!!! Ohlyyy shit it's been like 3 hour and i'm still listening ohhhh fuckk i'm so hard right nowwww ever moment i open my mouth it's making my own head blank ohhh fuckk ohhh i can't take itt anymore i'm gonna pay someone to cosplay as me and fuck me senseless at this pointtt ohhhhh

| time to go fuck yourself

| is selfcest narcissism?

Also have you guys tried to give yourself a blowjob

| >>740782 of course i tried, I used to be able to 5 years ago. Guess i'm too old and clunky to suck myself now

| would you be alright with fucking a twin? like the shows they do where people meet someone that is very very similar to them

| >>741081 that's acceptable but not ideal, fucking myself would be the best

| I can actually relate to this. << Like I started taking Shibari pics and I could look at myself and masterbate.

| >>741214 ohhh yea comrade

| O^O nothing beats making porno pics of yourself and being able to masterbate to the glory of that body. Ultimate self love

| beautiful

we want to mess up that cute little slut in the mirror...

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