Is this cheating?

| To put put it short:

Deep crush on a girl, she knows but doesn't want a relationship and we're too damn close when it comes to trust

She has some sexual tension thing going on with this guy but doesn't go further than that (she tells me everything, so this is not an assumption)

I kinda start having something like that going on with a friend, they know and support me about my crush

I just masturbated with this friend on Webcam.

If this is not cheating why do I feel sick.

| Because while its not cheating(you were not commited to anyone), you had a crush, you subconciously feel as if you cheated on your feelings for your crush, at least thats what I think you are thinking

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This is accurate, too accurste.

Is it too wrong what I did in your opinion? I can't stop feeling bad

| >>739360 well in my opinion no, you have a crush but if you still havent conffesed yet(assumption) than you are either scared or you know you dont have that much of a chance, crushes do mess with your head a bit so you feel like commiting with them, but if you are able to have a link with somebody else it is totaly fine since its about you and your happiness

| Its only cheating if there is commitment, you did nothing wrong

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Thing is I have confesses to them but they don't want to be in a relationship, they're fully aware of my feelings but also rather us be just close friends *for the time being*.

And is considerate on how I've felt uncomfortable with the friend she's got that tension with.

I don't know if this all makes things better or worse

| >>739363 ah, well if thats the case, I think it makes for better, you are moving on, thats good

| If she doesnt want a relationship and you still have feelings you should move on, getting closer with other people is a way to move on, you did nothing wrong and is doing things right in my view

| child what the fuck am I reading

| >>739440 TL;DR op feels guilty for cheating (they think) on their crush with a friend, but crush hasn't reciprocated their feelings to op.

By the way, was the friend you masturbated with online a guy or a girl?

| Just wanted to say that the person who helped OP is completely right and you should listen.

| The guilt has been wore down since I made the post but yeah >>fbdb64 's advice helped like a lot with that, so thank you there.

It was a girl

| >>739729 <3 glad to help

| Bisexual triple sex?

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