Why do White Gurls Love BBC so much

| Snow whites love my african python so fucking much, im not even tryin.

| new low for danger/u/ bait, 1/11. maybe even 0.5. truly surpassing all expectations.

| >>739314
not even bait just fact. response 1/88 try again

| In general, because they're degenerates. White women tend to this need of "shocking the world" and all. I feel glad I never dated one of them.

| Self-respecting white women date white men... Now, onto a new bait!

| BBC? British Broadcasting Company? Uhh am I missing something???

| Another lost /d/ thread

| 2/10 just because I replied

| Women love those david attenborough documentaries, can't get enough

| Why do Whitey Bois luv big blac women so much sheeeeeet

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I don't know, sorry...

| >>740728 ayo ill never understand that bulshiiit

| >>740737

I'm latin and I actually like them. I mean, it just feels good fluffy and brown they are.

| Ironic shitposting is still shitposting

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