To all the lonely people

| The only way to meet a partner is trough dating. I know this is not the best of times to start seeing other people but a vaccine is just around the corner and I *strongly* encourage all of you to start dating again.

If you haven't dated in a long while it might be scary at first and it may take a while to get the hang of things but after 10 to 15 times it'll start to become fun.

Let's make the summer of 2021 the summer to end all loneliness!

| the end of the coronavirus is going to be an opportunity for EVERYONE to start going back out and looking to meet people. I wish every g/u/rl here a very pleasant post-quarantine dicking.

| I love sex.

| imagine if this thread got no replies

| Here's wishing the best to all of us, Summer 2021 here we come!

| I've never been one to actively search for love.
If it happens it happens.

| >>738609
Romantic stoicist or fellow social fatalist?

| >>738609 Feel like this too, but with the caveat that I'll be still going out to meet new people, make friends and then see who I crush on.

Like casual sex is good fun don't get me wrong. Don't let some old fucks slutshame you! But I feel when it comes to love you can only love who you know rather then someone you didn't even talk to.

"Love at first sight" really is just us projecting a fantasy onto a pretty face. At least that's how it is for me, so I dunno.

| I don't see why anything would change after the pandemic ends. In fact, it might even get worse given status disparity reasons. So if you were lonely then, you'll keep on being so on.

| >>738854
You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. So if you've already given up before you even started then sure, you'll stay just as lonely as before.

No one's gonna serve you happiness on a silver plate. If you want it you'll have to put the wheel in motion. Cause and effect, yo.

| >>738896 cause and effect doesnt work and is more luck based, love is luck based, you can try as hard as you want, but if you are unlucky, have traits that you cant change and people who are not that worth it in the end,you will just suffer more, saying cause n effect, oh you just gotta try harder, just radicaly change all these traits about yourself, ah it was just the 9th wrong person you've met, hearing that is insulting.

| >>738911
>cause and effect doesnt work

haha wat???

If you spin a wheel the wheel will spin. This is cause and effect in action.

| https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Causality

| >>738914 dont compare simple physics to something as complex and varied as love

| >>738896

Interesting how life is so simple as a one-sided statement like this, but somehow you're "bigot" if you don't accept all the variables from human life, huh?

| >>738920
Casuality isn't physics. Read the link.

| These people dont get that it takes 2 people to build a relationship, if only one person invests in it,
its just abuse

| >>738929 bad analogy that doesnt reflect the luck and causality aspect of love. Love is not physics its psychology.

| >>395b7f
I get the feeling you're intentionally misunderstanding us for the sole purpose of making yourself more miserable. Why would you do this to yourself?

| >>738932 Because its sutpid how some people think giving overly positive advice is good advice.
Its not, saying that all you have to do is work hard and you will succeed when it takes more than just hard work it naive.

| >>738939
The only way to get what you want is to put the effort in. You do not have "bad luck". You're just being too passive to ever build something for yourself.

| >>738947 if you have to assume how the life of someone you dont even know who was by projecting your personal experiences on them and not understanding that your life is not the same as everyone else to get your point than your point isnt really that based on reality.

People have different looks, personality, sizes, standarts, wishes, desires and need for affection, finding love is hard, not impossible, just hard dont forget that

| >>738950
It's not an assumption. You've been very open with your views on casuality and self-improvement.

This thread is about dating after the vaccinations. You're misunderstanding it if you think it's about love and misery. That being said you and I are done here. I wish you the best of life and I strongly encourage you to put effort into building a positive outlook for yourself.

| >>738955 well I still dont get why you assume I am against self improvement, Im just against over positivism, thats all if you get it its over

| >>738911 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9Q-oCvbEtU

| >>738932


| >>738960 say that to people who are born in cultures that have forced marriges, who are coincidentaly sorounded by people with bad personality traits, that are born with physical traits that make them look not so good, maybe people who cant leave their homes ever in life because of things like auto immune disease and etc.

Its takes 2 people build a relationship, both need to be willing to improve and mantain it. Self improvement helps but it is not everything.

| My point is, self improvement is good but dont do it under the expectation that you will be loved and dont assume somebody is loved because they worked hard

| >>738967
No one here assumed that so please stop preaching.

| >>738967 I can see desperate and/or unexperienced people doint that but I think most people are doing fine.

| >>739004 its very possible for somone who is desperate to start "self-improving" in hopes of getting laid. I've seen it happen and it misses the point of self-improvement.

| >>739010
It's redundant to bring up a point out of nowhere that was never even talked about. Doubly so if it's to summarise a counter-argument to a point that was never even made.

| >>738967 good advice to lonely people :D

| >>739012 it is still good advice and it is based on your advice that I personaly didnt find very accurate, and you cant tell me no not preach if you made a thread that is about preaching advice to lonely people looking for dates specialy when the preach advice is for people who are lonely and looking for dates, you are just angry because I didnt 100% agree with you.

| >>395b7f
Ooh, now I know who you are. You're that regular from /new/.

| >>739046 that should not matter in this case

| >>739050 >>739046 it should have ended at>>739021, it's just a shitshow now, where is the advice for lonely people? All I see are 2 knuckleheads debating if they should give advice in a thread made to give advice. It's twitter talk at this point.

| >>739057
I never started this thread to give advice. Dunno why you think so. I just wanted to encourage dating again once the vaccines starts to roll out.

Someone disagreed that putting effort into something leads to change and we had a small debate surrounding that. Not sure why that made you feel the need to show up and haul insults.

| >>0d06e3
For all the whining you do, none of your own posts has been on topic.

| >>738932
This is so fucking true

| Why is every thread on this board a shit show these days can we go back to posting magic numbers and shit

| There you go 337521 why search for dates if maids exist lulw

| You probably tried to do this >>337521

| >>740242 Whoosh
>>740241 Good numbers, thank you

| >>740738
by whoosh, did you mean https://nhentai.net/g/337521/ ?

| Oh that

| >>740738 I got wooshed damn it

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