/d/ stands for...


| Doujin.

| the /D/ick im going to put inside you if you read this~

| >>736847
Welp, you have to do it now. Not like I'm complaining tho uwu

| >>736900 perfect~
where and when do you want the /D/

| >>5bdc89 now and in my mouth, personally~

| >>a563d1 i love mouths~

*slowly and gently puts the tip in your mouth"

there? or do you prefer deeper?

| Deeper, down my throat~

| >>a563d1 as you wish~

*i reply as i push all my dick inside your mouth and throat while i gently caress your hair*

| /d/on't touch me there step-sis~

| >>736847 Do it coward~!

| >>736975 i'll gladly put my /D/ inside you g/u/rl, just come over here~

| >>736977 *presses my finger on your chest, drawing small circles* Don't hold back~

| >>736983 *i gently lift and place you in my lap*

tell me cutie, where do you want this dick?

*i ask you, while i hold your hand and move it towards my crotch*

| The /d/egenerates above this post.

| Actual ERP on /d/...

| >>736992
Well, there's only one place for it, isn't there~?

| oh no..

| The /d/ stands only for degeneracy. <3

| Depression.

| /d/ stands for Duke Nukem having a happy marriage with his wife and kids

| >>737232 then get on the bed and BEG for it~

| >>737404
*Climbing onto the bed, I pant softly, staring at you* Please pound me with your big thick dick and make me scream~

| >>737416
*i put you in doggy style position as i get behind you*

i love when you do this~

*i start to slowly rub my dick in you*

why not beg a little more?

*i say as i spank you a couple times, grabbing you by the hair and keeping your head down in the bed*

| this is pretty weird and, more importantly, pretty bad ERP

| >>737458 there's something as good ERP?

| /d/oing ERP in any thread because of bad horni

| >>deb895 Yeah, ERP can be really good, you just.. Don't act as the person I am responding to. Lol

| I love sex.

| >>737468
Agreed. Good ERP is more rare and less easy than bad sex, sadly.

| >>404848 people do the cardinal error of rushing towards sex. It's about slowly building up tension between the participants and then finally releasing it.

| >>738050
Ikr. Why some people don't get it

| >>d8acec I feel like this rushing is due to a desire for a personal gratification - ooh look at me *cums in you* - as opposed to delivering mutual pleasure. You see this a lot with the worse doms who are more focused on their power trip than having fun together with someone else.

| /d/ for dragon

| >>738218
I find that impatience trends younger.
Although I have been told that a 2-hour buildup with foreplay is too long, so ymmv.

| Actually, 2 hour long foreplay is just the right amount and whomever told you otherwise is a liar.

| Han/d/-hol/d/ing
Lewl/d/ af ik

| /d/esperate lmao

| >>738512 /d/esparate lesbian board

| /d/egenerates <3

| >>738592 based. Yuri will conquer the world!

| >>739155
I mean, it already has about 45% global saturation...

| B/D/SM

| The only way to have sex is with carolina reaper sauce as lube.

| Haven't y'all seen the banner?
/d/ stands for /d/ragon maid futa cock in your bum

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