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I wish I had the same tastes years ago as I do now

| so much funky sex with uglyhot bitches i missed out on

| Could you tell me more?

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just always had an idealised view of sex and romance but now that im older i know plenty of hotties are bad at sex and plenty of homely chicks have some tasty meat and put efdort in the sack

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You're totally right. As a stereotypical loser, I found that out soon enough. Only the 5/10, 6/10 girls treated me as human and sex with them was the best, while the 8/10 (my tops) were annoying even about taking a facial and couldn't hump very well. Specially the black girls, I don't know why.

Also, that's how I realized how good fat girls were in bed and how fluffy they felt in a tight hug.

| >>735808 Hell yes, fat girls are the best.

| Bro black girls are a super annoyance

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Ugggh no casual racism pls

sorry that your like two forays into trying to date Black chicks went bad but they are literally as diverse as any other demographic. There are goth black chicks and kpop black chicks and hoodrat black chicks and more. Plus if I'm honest easily the most annoying women I dated were white. But some of the hottest and chillest were, too.

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Straight tf up
Cute, cuddly, game, and generally the old adage about them givin good head is true too. I'll take chilling in with a nerdy chubby babe over trying to keep up with some insta clout chaser any day

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