You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

| >When you open your eyes, you find yourself in a cold, damp, dark place. The ground beneath you feels like normal dirt- your toes sink slightly into the mildly damp ground, but it's otherwise solid enough.

>There is a soft breeze blowing toward you, but you still can't see anything- all you know is that the breeze chills your bare skin to the very core- just where are your clothes?

>You're naked; this is because:

Select one:

1) Your dick is rectracting,
2) Your nipples harden.

| Please, no.

| 2!

| >>735617
>I'll be gentle.


>You feel the paps on your mediun sized chest- the air laps at your girlhood, but it is nevertheless an inviting direction to walk toward.

>Or, if you prefer, you can walk in the other direction and test your luck there. The choice is yours.

| I follow the air. I am a girl, right, presumably with no dick.

| so no dick?
>the wild skateboard was defeated

| I want to change some events:

1 - I'm a guy.
2 - I'm not naked.

| I don't, actually, I am perfectly fine as is.

| 1!

| >>735631 wait do guys not have nipples

| follow our girlhood

| towards the wind!

| >>735637 >>735665 >>735681 >>735699 >>735735 >>735739

>You cover your privates with your hands and make your way gingerly toward the air. Gosh is it cold- not quite frosty, but enough to make you concerned for hypothermia.

>...wait. What's hypothermia? Who are you, anyway? Your memory's pretty foggy, along with any notion of how you got here.

>As you consider this, you feel the ground beneath you become firmer- the slightly damp dirt is replaced by a somewhat slick rock, and your footsteps, previously muted by the soft ground resonates with muted echoes... even though you're still mostly blind here, you can tell that you're in a cave of some sort.

>There's an opening through which air blasts you like a natural windtunnel- within, you can see the faintest, dimmest light- but light nonetheless. Nothing else meets your vision as of yet.

>Do you...

1) Continue inside the slick, stone cave,

2) Head back the way you came...

3) [Enter a choice here. If three or more custom options are listed, they may be combined together as is appropriate for the story (sorry, transformation is currently off the table!).]


(They do, and guy nipples *do* get hard in response to physical trauma (nanomachines son), but eh, I thought it would be a clever way to ask if someone was a boy or a girl.)

| Let's go into the cave before we freeze!

| >>735769 1

| >>735796 >>735821

>You decide to press forward into the cave, making your way slowly past the natural wind tunnel into the area proper. The dim light that you saw earlier shines a little brighter now- there are small gemstones and incredibly slick, shiny surfaces further down which seem to be reflecting light coming from the next area.

>It's still too dim to illuminate where you are *currently* however, and you soon find yourself tripping on something on the ground!

>You tumble, but after feeling about you find four objects surrounding you.

A thick piece of carved wood that is curved at the end. It appears to be as long as you are tall, and feels slightly warm to the touch.

A roughly sewn together piece of cloth. It feels like it's large enough to cover you.

A circle made of wood and interlaced with metal bands. There's a handle on one end and some straps to attach to your arm.

A thin strip of metal. It's cool to the touch, and part of it is sharp!

>What are these things, and who put them here? No idea- but what you do know is that you won't be able to carry everything with you as you are.

Select two items to bring along your journey.

| Cloth and circle.

| Cloth and wood.

| why would we need clothes? wood and shield

| Cloth and metal

| Cloth and shield.

| >>735896 >>735981

>You pick up the cloth and wrap it around your shivering form- there doesn't seem to be anything along the line of a clasp or buttons with which to hold it in place, so you tighten the two ends of the makeshift cloak with your off hand!

>Meanwhile, you slip your main arm through the straps of the strange, circular object- it's rather heavy to the touch, but the belt and handle makes it easier to hold.

>Thus equipped, you proceed forward toward the faint light, slightly more secure in yourself now that you're armed, so to speak. As you move forward, you see the light glint off the path in front of you, barely illuminating what may or may not be a hazard...

>There is a thin solid strip of solid ground ahead that looks just as slick as the rest of this cave. It bisects a small "lake" of some kind, filled with dark water that doesn't reflect any of the light. On the other side of this lake, you can just barely see another hole in the cave wall, along with rudimentary "stairs."

>You could attempt to walk along this strip of solid ground to get to the other side, but there's another way across as well. To your right, you see a large round mound displacing a bit of the lake water. It has giant spikes poking out of it, and resembles a giant shell of some kind that is big enough to touch the solid ground on either side of the lake. Maybe you can try to climb that and get to the other side?

>Or do you have a different idea?

| Ok.

| climb, what could go right.

| Walk.

| climb

| Climb

| Walk!

| So i assume the giant shell thingy will tear us apart but why not throw our shield at it to see if it's awake? If it remains calm we CLIMB.

| >>736512 >>736547 >>736584 >>736769

>That's... actually a very clever way to go about it. You thank the voices in your head for their rational state of being, and slowly approach the giant "shell"...

>Once you're about a meter away, you take your shield and throw it as hard as you can at the spiky object. The shield easily bounces off of it, making a loud but dull "PTONG!" sound effect as the shield bounces off of it and slides back to your feet.

>The nasty echo seems to emanate all the way back to where you started in the cave, until it stops. All is silent once more in the cave, except maybe your own breath and the sounds of water dropping somewhere.

>Then you feel it, a mild tremor. In the darkness, you can't tell if the shell itself is moving- only that the tremor is from somewhere in this area.

>What do you do next?

>Do you still climb, head back the way you came, or cross the lake via the other path?

| *sit on place a deep breathing*

| >>737864

>You decide to chill- literally- in place by sitting on the cold ground. You wrap the cloth around your bare bottom, which seems to do a fair job of keeping you warm even on the floor. Surprisingly so.

>You're now sitting on the ground snug as a bug in a rug. The ground is still trembling, though.

>What do you do?

| *remembering in old traumas and thinking with worries about future, and than mistakenly fall asleep while crying*

| Walk walk walk. o,o

| Climb, g/u/rl! Your banging has awoken something in the deep!

| climb! don't sink!

| climb

| >>738144 >>738359 >>738457 >>738497 no, *continue in trauma*

| >>738359 >>738457 >>738497

>In spite your growing fear from what are clearly repressed traumatic memories, you figure that moving your ass is probably a better idea than sticking around to wait for whatever the hell is making that rumbling noise.

>You start climbing the strange "shell," carefully using the spikes as footholds so as to avoid slipping down into a watery grave. Thankfully, the shell appears to be quite rough, so you have a decent grip on it.

>You've just reached the top of the shell when you realize that you can touch the top of the cave's ceiling, for some reason. Was the shell really that tall to begin with?

>You attempt to make your way down and hopefully to the other side of the cave-river, when you hear a soft sound, like something slithering its way out of the water and around the spikes behind you.

>What do you do next?

| G/u/rls... It's time to boogie.

| *Time to continue in trauma and cry*

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